Monday, April 30, 2012

Gearing Up for Book 3

As the June 1st release of The Secret Queen draws near, interest in The Empyrical Tales series is growing.

Here is a brand new review of Book I: The Fourth Queen from The Reader's Roundtable.

Jaymes said, "Mark Miller has added his own unique spin on the fairytales..." and "The Fourth Queen is a really good beginning to a captivating series."

Please click here to read the full review:

If you haven't traveled to the land of Empyrean yet, Comfort Publishing recently released both titles for Kindle. You can get The Fourth Queen HERE ( and Book II: The Lost Queen HERE (

Over the next thirty days or so, I will begin introducing some of the new characters from The Secret Queen. Many of them were inspired by Egyptian mythology and dinosaurs. I look forward to sharing this next adventure with you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Olivia Strikes Again

That's right. Episode 3 is here. Like I said before, Olivia has such a great voice as an author. As I encourage her to explore and develop it, it might take a little longer to get these stories done. With her imagination and charm, I think it is worth the wait.

In Sons of the King, they have created a fantasy world with a touch of science fiction. In the land of Mysstira on the planet Kaskaya, a great King has three sons. When a mysterious visitor falls from the sky, their world is changed forever. The sons of the King will soon face their destiny.

Episode Three tells of the oldest son Taro’s journey to the hidden Creator’s Ark. He plans to dedicate his life to honor the Creator of the planet Kaskaya and the universe. At the same time middle brother Diggold heads in the opposite direction in search of adventure and escape. Which leaves the youngest of the three, Fallon, almost like a prisoner in the Dome.

This story begins to explore the theology of Mysstira. The beliefs of the people are important to the growth of the characters. Similar to Buddhist Monks or Star Wars Jedi, the Mysstirans have a religious warrior class called the Arktu. They practice non-violence and rely on their Creator for strength.

Please check it out for only 99 cents!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Authors of One Interviews: Crystal Linn

We are talking today with the author of Story Eight: God’s Counterpoints of the One series. Crystal Linn writes both fiction and non-fiction, as well as being an award-winning poet. In her story she shares an emotional journey of her husband’s ordeal with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer.

MM: To start things off Crystal, what inspired you to share this story?

CL: There were so many people involved and so many miracles preformed that it was incredible.

MM: It was a harrowing journey, but I was touched how all those people came together right when you needed them most. I imagine they support you in your writing as well. How long have you been writing?

CL: I’ve written all of my life and in the year 2000 decided to get serious about it.

MM: I get your meaning. It takes a lot of discipline. You and I both know that writing is not always serious. We have to find outlets for our creativity. What is one of your writing habits that helps you deal with the work?

CL: I color-code my writing projects.  Yellow is the color for my fiction projects, blue is for non-fiction, pink is for my children’s projects, purple is for my journal/memoir-type projects and my poetry projects are multi-colored.

MM: That sounds fun. Your writing space must be a rainbow even on dreary days! Speaking of your writing space, I want to get more personal. Can you share something about your faith that readers can’t get from your story?

CL: My personal faith has empowered me to overcome many challenges in my life’s journey and has enabled me to become a better person in all areas of my life.

MM: That is a common theme in the stories of One. I am always excited to see new aspects of faith, regardless of religion. Your journey seems to have been filled with many ups and downs. In the area of writing, who influences you and helps you make it through?

CL: There are so many that it is difficult to choose. 

Agatha Christie wrote more than sixty mystery stories using only seven or eight basic plot lines, and thirty-some years after her death she is still a beloved author.

Dick Francis always had some interesting tidbit for the readers to learn about in addition to the basic
story line. An example is that in one of his novels he discussed the hostage industry in the Near East. 

Mary Higgins Clark began writing novels to support her five children after the death of her husband.

MM: Those are some greats. I saw in your bio that you are a big mystery fan, so I’m not surprised by your choices. Now, who are some of your spiritual influences?

CL: There are so many that it is difficult to choose. 

C. S. Lewis was not afraid to be vulnerable and publicly shared his struggles in his journey to faith. 

Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) was a quiet-spoken, gentle man with a strong faith. He was not afraid to do something different and, as a result, had a positive impact on millions of children (and parents) around the world. 

George Mueller spent most of his life without faith and after he became a Christian he had an unusually strong faith and founded the most successful orphanage in England where the children were well cared for.

MM: Very good. I grew up with Narnia and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Definitely some positive influences. Let’s go behind the curtain. Tell us something about you that is not in your bio?

CL: I joke that writing is in my DNA because there were serious writers on both sides of my family, including Henry Luce, the founder of TIME magazine, and the writer of “Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages.”

MM: That is exciting. You seem to be enjoying some success as a writer now, so don’t worry about having big shoes to fill. Maybe you will leave the next marker on the family writing legacy. You are co-writer of the best-selling series AmishForever with Roger Rheinheimer. What other projects are you involved in right now?

CL: Like every passionate writer, I have many projects in the works. I am co-authoring an Amish romance novel, Amish Forever, with Roger Rheinheimer. It is an on-line serialized novel and can be purchased as an e-book from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Roger’s novel, Amish Snow, is a great ‘first’ novel.
A cousin and I are co-authoring a book together. My first blog should be up and running within the next month or so.

MM: When your blog is up, we will post a link on the Facebook “One” page ( I like to end on a happy note, so here are a couple fun questions. First, if you could ask your supreme being one question, what would you ask?

CL: I’m not sure I can answer that question as God is respectful and always answers my direct questions, even when I ask why bad things happen.

MM: So you don’t hold back? It is great for anyone to have that kind of connection with their diety. Lastly, if you were a flavor of ice cream, what would it be?

CL: Half vanilla and half chocolate because vanilla is the most versatile of all flavors; and chocolate is the most favorite of all flavors.

MM: That suits you. You are quite versatile in your writing, but also a kind and generous person, which probably makes you a favorite to many friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to share with us today, Crystal! Please remember that Crystal is donating a portion of her proceeds to World Concern (

God’s Counterpoints, story eight of the One series, is available now from Trestle Press for $0.99 on Kindle ( Nook (

Monday, April 16, 2012

What is a Counterpoint?

I'm glad you asked. Crystal Linn, best-selling co-author of Amish Forever, can give you the answer in Story Eight of the One series.

A portion of the author’s proceeds will be donated to World Concern, a Christian global relief and development organization. World Concern’s efforts reach deep into the most remote corners of the planet, where climate and geography, societal instability and scarce infrastructure create incredible challenges to the people living there, including disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance and health. Visit for more information. The series creators and publisher are in no other way affiliated with this organization.
Mark Miller’s One is a spiritual anthology examining True-Life experiences of Authors and their Faith. As the series evolves expect to discover what it means to have faith, no matter what that faith is and no matter where they live. Remember that we are all part of this One World.
In Story Eight, another award-winning poet, Crystal Linn, shares her moving experience with a rare form of cancer. The author’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and Crystal tells how they came through it with faith. This story is an inspiration to anyone facing life’s difficult challenges.

I think it took a lot of courage for Crystal to share this story. She presents us with a harrowing, detailed account of a challenge she faced with her husband. I have never heard of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, but it is a rare form of cancer.
Crystal tells of the ordeal in a matter-of-fact way, accounting for each visit to the doctor. In between these medical insights, she reveals her miracles. Each time something worse happened, Crystal explained how it worked out for her.
Crystal calls these unexplainable events by the musical term counterpoints. I am no musician, but I understand the concept and see exactly what she means. She compared their journey to Handel’s Amen Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. I searched for the piece on YouTube and found it to be beautiful and inspiring, much like Crystal’s story.
The one thing I notice is how she removes herself from the writing. She does mention she went through a dark period. However, she humbly approaches the entire story and does not spotlight herself at all. I want to point out how amazing she is and how she bravely stood by her husband through pain and adversity. To me, that is its own miracle to see her faith working in her.
Thanks for reading,

Get it today for $0.99 on Kindle: