Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oooooh, Scary Story...

For the main part of the story, Zandria and Olena are chased by werewolves.

I did not want the girls to meet the principal bad guys in this story. They never encounter Gusk, Vanril or Sasha directly. That left me with the opportunity to maybe bring those three back later. Instead, werewolves!

Are werewolves too scary? They definitely add a sense of tension and urgency to the sisters' journey. The werewolves work well as a constant reminder that Zandria and Olena must keep going. There is also an intense scene involving the werewolves and unicorns. So, yes, they are very scary.

I believe it was Walt Disney who said we need fear. He did not mean outright Stephen King-type terror, but King works from the same principle. Disney employed wicked witches, killer whales, step-sisters and ghosts across his stories. That little bit of uncomfortableness reminds us of where and with who we are safe. Maybe a werewolf jumping out of the shadows gives us a fright, but then a giggle and the reminder that we are surrounded and protected by the ones who love us.

Happy Halloween!

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