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We would like to thank all of the wonderful readers that have purchased, read and reviewed Book I and Book II of the #1 Best–Selling Trilogy The Divine Sisterhood of The Whoopee Pie Sisters by Amazon Top 100 authors Sarah Price and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell.

Good news about the Trilogy!

The price of Book II was originally $1.99 but has just been lowered to $.99.

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Interview with Dinosaur George Blasing

Part One

I currently have a young reader picture book available from Dinosaur George Media and co-authored with "Dinosaur George" Blasing. It is my great privilege to call him friend first and co-author second. He is kind and generous. His dedication to children and education is exceptional. Whew! Got all the flattery out of the way up front. Now I can get into the embarrassing stuff. If you don't already know George, I hit him with the hard questions in this interview.

MM: I know this one is a high priority. For anybody that follows you on Facebook, we know you have a "rocky" history with an un-named Ex-Wife and her mother. Can we get intimate for a moment? What inspires these jokes? Have you ever been married?

DG: Ah, my famous mothers in law jokes are truly classics. LOL. I’ve been married twice, but I am not married any longer. Honestly, both of my ex-wives and ex-mothers-in-law were the nicest people you could meet. I have a very good relationship with all of them and I don’t have anything bad to say about them at all. I just like telling jokes about them because it makes people laugh. My biggest worry is that one day they’ll read my jokes and come hunting for me.

MM: That is something I've noticed about you. You definitely like to laugh. That must come from spending all day with hundreds of kids. I wonder what a day with Dinosaur George would be like?

DG: I think people would be surprised to find out that I am actually very quiet when I’m not performing in front of an audience. I don’t like being in large crowds and I stay away from big public events, like sporting events, concerts, etc. I feel like I give all of my energy when I’m speaking to the public, and so I really need some down time to myself to rest up. When I’m off, I often do things by myself just so I don’t have to have a conversation with anyone. I’ve performed live to well over 2 million people in my career, and I would rather speak to a huge crowd instead of a small group. But once I am finished performing, I like going to my hotel room and not going out to see the sights or hang out with friends. It’s such the opposite of what people expect.

MM: Funny that you say "when you are off". It seems that you are constantly working. You are always heading to a school or library. It is apparent that kids and their education are very important to you. When you do get a few seconds of alone time, what do you like to do?

DG: I have three favorite things to do when I’m not working. First, I like to go fishing. I have loved fishing since I was very young, and my favorite place to go is the Texas coast. I like fishing in the ocean. Second, I like to go to my family ranch and look at the wildlife. I study modern animals so that I can learn how they behave in nature. Not only do I find this very relaxing, but it gives me insight into how prehistoric animals may have behaved. And third, I like to go fossil hunting! I’ve had the chance to dig for fossils all over North America. I really like looking for dinosaur bones, but I also like looking for prehistoric mammals too. It is so awesome when you find something cool, like a tooth or claw. Maybe someday you can join me in a fossil hunt. Maybe we’ll find a Tyrannosaurus!

MM: Some people might think that fossil hunting is the only thing a paleontologist does. However, you also consider yourself an educator. Each provides its own challenges. What do you consider particularly challenging?

DG: The most challenging part of my job is convincing some children that some of the things they see on television or on line are not scientifically accurate. The Jurassic Park movies were very exciting and looked quite realistic, but unfortunately they included a lot of things that were not accurate. For instance, Velociraptors were depicted as being taller than a human, when in fact they were actually smaller than a large dog. It’s sometimes difficult to explain to young children that the movie was wrong. A book of fiction, like ours, is made for fun. But we work very hard to insure that the information about the dinosaurs is as scientifically accurate as possible. 

MM: Since you mentioned the book (the first of many), let's switch focus. Our first book together is called Ask DG. It is a young reader, which means it is ideal for ages 5 to 10. The concept is based on your YouTube series, Ask Dinosaur George. It is non-fiction and presented in a straight forward question and answer format. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. It's not everyday that an author gets to write with one of his heroes. It was also a distinct pleasure for me to include some illustrations by my son, Zak. He is an incredibly talented young man (all bias aside). Looking at Ask DG the picture book, what do you want to accomplish with it?

DG: I started the “Ask DG” page of my website about 15 years ago because I wanted young people, or anyone for that matter, to be able to ask questions that they might otherwise not be able to get answered. It started off with a handful of people mailing me letters. I would sit down and answer every single letter I received. But soon it became impossible to answer so many letters, so I began to post their questions and my answers on my website. As word spread about my willingness to answer any and all questions, I began to receive hundreds of questions every month. So then I started filming my answers, because it was easier than emailing my answers. Now I receive as many as 1000 questions a month. I wish I could answer every one, but it’s just not possible. But I hope that by answering their questions, it will encourage people to continue to study paleontology.

MM: It definitely does that. I see it as another opportunity to share your knowledge. It is also a lot of fun to create. 

Both the paperback and eBook are available exclusively on Amazon. Readers can get the eBook at this link:

Starting November 22nd, Ask DG will be a Kindle Countdown Deal. On Friday, you will be able to get it for ONLY 99 Cents, but that special price only lasts for 35 hours. Then it goes up to $1.99. Finally at midnight on Sunday, back to the usual $2.99 (which is still a great deal!). Put it on your calendar, or get it today.

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Illustration by Zak Miller - Dyoplosaurus Giganteus skull
as seen in Ask DG Volume One

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Guest Interview - David Lawrence-Young

Today's guest post comes in the form of an interview with David Lawrence-Young:

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and back ground?born & educated in uk. Moved to israel in 1968 and spent most time since then getting a ba & ma in eng lit and teaching in high school & university. Written 13 historical novels & also articles for military history and english teaching magazines. Now live in jerusalem, married +3. I spent 16 years in israeli army active reserve as a combat soldier/driver.

2. What inspired you to write this book? “anne of cleves – henry’s luckiest wife” i like history and saw last book about anne had been written in 1946. Time for new one!

3. Describe what the book/story is about? How anne who is from an unimportant european duchy gets married to henry viii for political reasons.he tires of her immediately and is divorced after 6 months. To buy her off he gives her a fortune and she is very happy and lives happily ever after!

4. Is there a message in this novel you want your readers to grasp? Nothing deep, just a good story and learn to love history like me

5. What was the time frame for writing this book? Anne’s life and death

6. How did you came up with the title? Walking down the street thinking about it

7. Who created your cover? I did

8. Hardest part for writing this novel? Finding interesting details about a little known historical figure

9. How did you find your publisher/agent - if self published, why did you choose to self publish? No agent/ not self-published

10. What was your biggest learning experience/surprise throughout your publishing process? Having gmta taking me on so quickly

11. Do you have any other novels out there? If not, what's next? Yes. See my website: www.dly-books.weebly.com Next; a sequel to anne. A biographical novel about henry viii’s fifth wife, catherine howard.

12. When did writing become a passion? Have written since high school (1964) but published since 2000.

13. Is this a series? If so, tell us a bit about the books planned.it’s a 2-part series. See q.11.

14. Any advice for other writers? Hang in there & pray!

15. Anything you would like to say to your readers? I hope you enjoy my books and learn to love history as much as i do.

16. Favorite authors? None

17. Favorite books? Three men in a boat (j k j erome) & 1066 & all that (sellar & yeatman)

18. Website(s) and social media links? Don’t use facebook,(but should). My website: www.dly-books.weebly.com

19. Where can people buy your novel? From gmta or amazon etc

20. Something personal about yourself people may be surpriced to know?although i usually write about english history, I have been living in israel (now in jerusalem) for over 45 years. I also write every word first by hand and then put it onto a computer.

About the Book: It is winter 1539. King Henry VIII is galloping through the night to Rochester to meet a young woman. Just arrived in England from Germany, Anne of Cleves is destined to become his fourth wife. He has never met her before. He has only seen her portrait – the portrait of a sweet, demure and innocent young woman. The impatient and lovesick king must see her before their marriage. But this rushed and unplanned rendezvous will shock them and the country both. It will also lead to some completely unexpected and fatal results. “Anne of Cleves - Henry’s Luckiest Wife” is a well-written, great read! The author, David Lawrence-Young does a fantastic job in telling the tale of Anne of Cleves - one of the notorious King Henry’s many wives. Set in the early 1500s, the author provides great foreshadowing of things to come in the innocent Anne of Cleves’ life with King Henry. Tension builds as one learns of King Henry’s personality and his ultimate reactions when he becomes displeased. The King sets aside his first wife - abandons her really. His 2nd wife is beheaded and his third wife died after childbirth. In fact, even though his 3rd wife lay dying, King Henry made no attempt to see, nor comfort her. Knowing this, how will life be for the young Anne of Cleves?? She may become queen, - but for how long, and will she survive? Furthermore, if the King is displeased with Anne - then what does life hold for the man who arranged the marriage - Chancellor Thomas Cromwell?

You can find the book on Amazon -

If you made it this far, here's a little reward for you:

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Guest Post - Jamie Leigh Haden

When asked the question "what's most important to your writing?", here's what Jamie had to say:

When I first began to think about this question, I definitely knew that legends and history, not myths were the most important to my writing. However, I was mystified because legends and history are certainly intertwined in the retelling of Native American stories. There was no way I could separate the two. As a Cherokee writer, I do believe that Native American legends are a central role in American History.

Indeed, legends are stories that have been handed down and yet, they are historical in that they all have have evolved with time. Spirit Seeker takes place on Silence and Cave, two remote barrier islands, off the coast of North Carolina. The stories of the people on these islands are historical legends because the retelling of the tales is one way the culture of the island people have been kept alive. There is a profound relationship between the story teller and the listener. So much of traditional Native American spirituality deals with ancestors. If it weren’t for the retelling of the stories, the past would be lost.

The legends that I write about in Spirit Seeker, are not necessarily based on historical Native Americans like Geronimo or Sequoya (even though Geronimo and Sequoya are of course legends). Instead, the legends that the island old timers still tell are the ones passed by word of mouth alone, and deal mostly with spirit animals. Hence, the totem poles.

Totem poles are a major part of Native American History.

Native American tradition stipulates that each person is connected to nine different animals in life. These animals serve as guides that appear in our lives, as we need them. The totem animal, in particular, is one that is with you for life. It is the main spirit guide. This animal offers wisdom to the individual. It is not necessarily an animal that you have to nurture and feed. It is more important that you learn the lessons in life that the animal has come to teach. However, finding and searching for a spirit guide is not always the easiest thing to do. This quest can at times, be extremely difficult. Especially if danger lurks in the night.

Nevertheless, with each totem animal, there is a legend and a lesson to be offered. Certainly, there is a legend for the creation of the Universe, and a legend for the Creation of man. There is also a legend that is dying to be told to Talisa Santiago, the heroine in Spirit Seeker. Once Talisa understands what she is capable of doing do, she realizes that there is no turning back.

Talisa Santiago is the granddaughter of a shaman. She is haunted by desire and willing to do the unthinkable. Oh, the stories this girl can tell—especially to those who dare to listen. The relationship between story teller and listener is a profound one indeed!

About the Author: Jamie Leigh Haden is the author of Spirit Seeker, a young adult fantasy. Jamie lives and writes near the seashore in North Carolina. She has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. Jamie is currently working on An Unimagined Life, the sequel to Illuminate-Alive, She Cried.

Connect with Jamie. 

About the Book: Life is strange and difficult for the granddaughter of a shaman. Sixteen-year-old Talisa Santiago was born in the desert underneath the full moon in January-the wolf moon. However, she left the desert with her mother when she was a young girl. She remembers bits and pieces of her past but it isn't until she and her mom move to a remote barrier island off the coast of North Carolina that she feels fate has finally called-secretive and mysterious he stands alone on the edge of the bank.

Her friends tell her to stay away; she hears rumors that he is dangerous. Still, she can't resist. Whether Talisa realizes it or not, she knows a thing or two about boys like Jag Chavez. Fate is funny that way. For the first time in her life, Talisa meets kids just like her-Native Americans who know the ways of the spirit. The closer she gets to Jag, the more she realizes he is hiding a dark secret. He may have the markings of the Thunderbird, but he is named for the powerful Jaguar. Together they embark on a journey that will haunt her forever.

Spirit Seeker is available now on Nook and Kindle.

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Guest Post - Daniel Diehl

A second guest post today comes from Daniel Diehl. He has a little something to say about wizards.

Wizards; a Very Brief Biography –

While doing a final edit on the manuscript of ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’ a line of dialogue caught my attention. Late in the story a Buddhist monk named Lu Shi comments to Jason, “For reasons which escape me, one seldom meets a young wizard.” At the time of writing it was simply a small part of a larger scene that I was structuring, but on re-reading it I began to wonder why it is that wizards are always portrayed as old men; and even here we have a second curiosity; why are wizards always male?

I can certainly understand that the concept of a ‘boy wizard’ might be cute in a children’s’ book, but in real life there is no such thing as a young wizard for the same reasons there is no such thing as a young surgeon or a young astrophysicist – accumulating vast amounts of knowledge requires many years of study. But why aren’t there any wizards in their early middle-age; gray at the temples but still sporting a rakish smile and a full head of hair? And why do they have to be men? Is there some kind of ‘boys only’ rule in the club of wizardry? Obviously the feminine version of wizard is not witch – a male witch is a warlock, not a wizard. So what does the dictionary say about gender and wizards? According to the copy of Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary that has been setting on the corner of my desk for more than 40 years a wizard is: “1 archaic: a wise man: sage 2: one skilled in magic: sorcerer 3: a very clever or skillful person.” Ok, so in its archaic form, the one indicating a wise man or sage, the wizard is apparently gender specific and the word does not refer to a wise woman. But the definition pertaining to magic and sorcery does not seem to apply to one sex while excluding the other. This certainly does not answer the question and we are forced to wonder, like Lu Shi, why one almost never meets a young (or young-ish) wizard. And now I want to know why we never meet a female wizard? We really need to address this shortcoming and work toward better integration in the ranks of wizardry. If any of you know of well-known literary instances in which middle aged, or feminine, characters are said to be wizards I beg you to join this blog and enlighten me and our fellow readers.

Several years ago, while I was still working on the Merlin manuscript, someone said to me that Merlin is nothing but a rip-off of Gandalf. Wow. I gently pointed out that the Merlin legend has been around for a millennia-and-a-half but Tolkien only created Gandalf in 1936 while writing ‘The Hobbit’. This exchange did, however, get me to thinking about the wizard’s place in literature. Besides serving as a model for all wizards to follow, Merlin also set three important roles that most wizard characters take on. 1. Deus ex Machina – Literally translating as ‘god from the machine’ this was a device first used in Greek theater to clean up hopelessly confused story lines. When the playwright couldn’t figure out a solution to a messy plot he simply lowered a ‘god’ character on a rope to magically make everything better. It’s good to have magical powers. 2. The Trickster – People with magical powers seem to be incapable of telling the simple truth. The old gods all lied and included ‘catches’ in any promise they made. When Apollonius of Tyana asked for the ability to accurately foretell the future the god’s granted his request but arranged it so no one would believe him. In ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Shakespeare’s Puck delights in misdirecting and fooling humans. A close reading of my own Merlin makes it clear that the simple truth is far from simple for Merlin. 3. Mentor – Because they are almost universally old (if not ageless) wizards often serve as mentor to a story’s main character. Merlin mentored Arthur, Gandalf mentored Frodo and Dumbledore, et al, mentored Harry Potter. Now I have brought Merlin back to life with a new student who needs his advice, guidance and tough love at least as much as Arthur ever did. This is our hero, Jason Carpenter, and Jason’s journey from slightly awkward archaeology student to hero will be the topic of my next blog – so stay tuned. And don’t forget to read the Prologue to ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’ – just move your cursor to the ‘More’ button above and click on Prologue.

Having brought my reluctant hero, Jason Carpenter, into this piece I would like to take a moment and talk about Jason’s journey from archaeology student to hero. In particular I want to look into the particular type of story known as ‘the hero’s journey’. According to the late, great mythologist Joseph Campbell there are only seven basic storylines and the most popular by far is known as The Hero’s Journey. Because ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’ is a hero’s journey story I will discuss the other types of stories in a future blog The hero and their story – whatever it may be - is as likely to be real as it is to be fictitious because all fiction is an extension and distortion of real-life. According to Campbell the hero’s journey has an identifiable, 12 step progression that goes like this: The Ordinary World; The Call to Adventure; Refusal of the Call; Meeting with the Mentor; Crossing the Threshold; Tests, Allies and Enemies; Approach; The Ordeal; The Reward; The Road Back; The Resurrection; Return with the Elixir. I can’t go into each of these steps here, but if you know fantasy and/or adventure literature you will recognize most of them. In fiction every major character from Oliver Twist to Luke Skywalker to the world’s oldest hero, Gilgamesh, have passed through very similar steps to fulfill their destiny. And speaking of Luke Skywalker, when George Lucas was writing Star Wars he conferred closely with Joseph Campbell for months. Because fiction is drawn from reality you will find most of these same steps in famous real-life stories from the lives of the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth to the great medieval knight William Marshal. As you read ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’ keep an eye out for Jason’s passage from each step to the next on his own voyage of self-discovery and his quest to become the hero of his own story.

About the Book: Merlin the Magician only exists in myth and legend – at least that’s what archaeology student Jason Carpenter thought until he discovered the mysterious orb that had housed history’s greatest wizard for 1,600 years.

Forced into an uneasy alliance, Jason and Merlin are sucked into a web of deceit, intrigue and murder that sends them on a chaotic race to outwit, and out run, Merlin’s ancient nemesis, the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay, her gang of drug smugglers and a 500 year-old Chinese necromancer. Tis a race against time to complete their quest before an army of dragons are unleashed on a vulnerable and unsuspecting 21st century world.

About the Author: Daniel Diehl has been an author, writer and investigative historian for thirty-five years. For nearly twenty years Diehl has been involved in writing for publication and documentary television production. Mr. Diehl’s work has won awards from the Houston (Texas) Film Festival, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (US) and the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Arts Foundation. Working alone and as a part of the multi-award winning team of Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly, Diehl has produced work in two main categories; trade publication and television documentary scripts. His canon of work includes twenty non-fiction books (which have been translated into ten foreign languages), one previous work of fiction and scripts for more than one hundred and seventy hours of documentary television primarily for A&E Network, The History Channel, History International, Biography Channel and Discovery Network.

Buy the book on Kindle:

Book Excerpt - Soul Awareness by Carol J. Murto

Today's guest post is an excerpt from the new release by Carol J. Murto.

Soul Awareness

In nurturing your Spiritual practice, you nurture yourself. Love becomes a very real part of your life. Even as you experience Love in this life right now, even before a committed practice with the desire to be in a working relationship with the Divine, you are experiencing Love; with family, with friends, in romantic relationships. What changes is you. The Love in you expands. As you connect with the Divine you are working with Love energy and this is what you are putting into the world. You will experience Love on an entirely different level. You will experience love more intensely, more deeply, more profoundly and with clarity and compassion.

In this process and in your prayer/meditation practice your Soul shifts from where it was to an evolved state of being. This alone is Spiritually healing – this alone is the healing balm for your Soul. As mentioned in Chapter 6 when we connect with Source – when we heal our Souls, all else follows; the physical, emotional, psychological, and the intellectual mind.

Again, do not judge yourself if there is struggle in the process. Part of the human condition is struggle. There may be times when you feel very uncomfortable – as you release from your ego, the human “nature” side of you will want to fight this. Remember that you will go at your own speed in releasing from what you think things should be to what they will be in the Divine.

Create a habit around your spiritual practice. I suggest creating a personal space at home that is quiet and inviting. Choose a time that will allow you to have quiet and stillness. Ask your family to give you this time, and in time they may join you in your practice! If you have five minutes to start, then start with five minutes. Use whatever assistance that will support your practice. Decide before you begin – what do you want available to you? Prayer books, poetry books, the bible, soothing music, visual objects or objects that resonate with you as nurturing and supportive; these are all good starts in creating your prayer/meditation space. For some it may be a quiet area outside – connecting with nature supports both prayer and med- itation.

Work in discernment about your practice. Where have you found Gods presence on this planet that has fed you, nourished you, given you a sense of peace and connection to Oneness? For some it is in art; others gazing at the stars; and then there is music or a combination of these things and more. But it is personal so in your discernment learn or “relearn” – remember the Divine seeks to connect to us all our lives and in various venues – where you have received and where you have felt connected to God. When you have identified this you can bring your evolved spiritual practice with you wherever you go, and without words, be open to receive and give with the Divine.

About the Author: Carol is the author of Soul Awareness - A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing. This book has its roots in Carol’s Soul Awareness class and it was inspired by Carol’s healing work with her clients. A writer since childhood, Carol has always found a variety of venues as an expression for her writing talents, but it is with Soul Awareness that Carol was truly inspired to bring to the page a reflection of internal content that is not only learned based on her 16 years of experience in her healing work, but also channeled. Carol teaches, holds public forums and hosts prayer/healing gatherings.

About the Book: Soul Awareness – A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing is a Spiritual self help book, designed to bring a fresh awareness of what our Soul is and to serve as a guide to help heal at the deepest level – the Soul level. With clear, practical instruction and fascinating case histories from Carol’s 16 years as a healing practitioner, Soul Awareness will provide Spiritual direction and support through the text itself; true life stories of personal Soul healing and meditations. Soul Awareness offers tools that are appropriate for the beginner who is exploring the process of their deeper spirituality and the function of the Soul as well as individuals who may have been exploring their Soul connection and Spirituality for a life time. The direction provided in this book can lead the individual to heal on all levels; the Spiritual, physical, and psychological. Once healed, each individual life is opened to new possibilities including finding one’s life purpose.

Connect with the Author: http://channeledspiritualhealing.com/

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Kiss and Tell

A year ago, if you told me I would be writing a romance, I'd have called you a liar.

You know what? I would be right.

(sorry, that's an old joke)

Then how do I explain my part in best selling author Murray Pura's Blue Heaven Romance series? I was fortunate enough to be invited to a group of varied and talented writers. Under Murray's guidance, we are putting together a series of romance stories in different genres. I was going to say I wrote a fantasy romance, but that sounded like one of those shades of gray. Instead, let's call it a romantic fairy tale.

Before I give you a synopsis, here is a quick look at the other stories in the series:

Emalyn's Treasure by Joy Ross Davis - http://amzn.to/1eVkmRB
Blister Creek by William Tasch - http://amzn.to/1eVlnJm
Do No Harm by Kathi Macias - http://amzn.to/1aLlZgg
Heaven is Not Far by Marian Baay - http://amzn.to/HlDI72
The Whispers of Angels by Jen Cudmore - http://amzn.to/1eVna16

And here is my entry into the series. The story is called A Dragon's Kiss. The title comes from a birthmark that certain villagers bear which destines them to become great warriors. Instead of your typical "damsel-in-distress", I tried to have a little fun. This time the girl is the hero and the guy needs saving. There is plenty of magic, adventure and, of course, dragons.

When you read A Dragon's Kiss, I would love for you to post a comment (even if it's to tell me to not write romance). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Comments are open below, or you can always find me on Facebook:

Get A Dragon's Kiss on Kindle for only $0.99