Monday, February 6, 2017

Beggar's Miracle First Chapter

The Beggar's Miracle by Joy Ross Davis is available now, exclusively on Amazon Kindle for ONLY $1.99

Read the beginning of the story here:

Bitty Brown hid behind a stone pillar across the way from several large trash bins on High Street in Dungarran, bare feet tucked under a tattered dress she’d been given by the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage. She covered her head from the misting rain with a piece of canvas she’d taken from the orphanage’s laundry room.  One small rough hand gripped a worn bag she’d pilfered from one of the other girls. Inside this bag, she kept a treasure, a secret treasure she’d had since she was only four years old.
As darkness descended upon the small town, Bitty stood and looked down High Street to the right, then to the left. The shop keepers had turned off the lights, locked the doors, and left for home, and just as she’d hoped, the streets were now deserted as they were every Wednesday evening at six when people gathered for services at the Dungarran Church of Ireland.
Bitty had visited the church only two nights ago when Ireland’s cold winds cut through her like daggers. She’d thought she might freeze to death outside under her cardboard, and not wanting at that moment to die, she sought refuge in the church. Fearing that she would be thrown out, she hid behind the last row of pews. She sighed as she sat down, treasure in hand, on the thick rug. It felt so much better on her bare feet than the icy streets. She’d been warm there.
She decided that night to become a proper Christian someday.  
But then, the pastor came ‘round, a tall, good-looking young man wearing a black robe.
Bitty closed her eyes, curled herself into a tight ball, and waited for him to walk past. She heard his footsteps coming nearer, an odd sound, as if one foot fell a little lighter than the other.
Her heart pounded.
Then the footsteps stopped briefly.
Bitty did not open her eyes for fear the pastor would be standing beside her. He’d then toss her out, back on the streets.
She sighed quietly as she heard him walk past and into the small rectory office. When she heard the door close, she opened her blue eyes.  
Draped over the pew in front of her was a woman’s shawl. She hadn’t seen it when she’d first come in, but now, the thick fringed wool, unattended, proved too much to resist. Bitty picked it up carefully and wrapped it around her shoulders. She was small for her age, terribly undersized, even now at nineteen, so the shawl covered her from her shoulders to her feet. She rubbed her cold hands along the soft wool, hugged the shawl tightly over her and let her head fall back. She closed her eyes and tried to remember when she’d ever been this warm. Nothing came to mind, so she made a sign of the cross in thanks, slid under the pew, and fell fast asleep.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Cover Reveal - Joy Ross Davis

MillerWords is pleased to announce their newest title:

The Beggar's Miracle

by Joy Ross Davis

Ms. Davis brings this previously released story to MillerWords in a brand new format with a touching new cover design.

About the book: Ice seemed to cover everything in Ireland from Dublin to Dungarran. It was a bad time to be homeless and a worse time to be an orphan.

Bitty Brown was both.

Bitty left the warmth of the Sisters of Mercy, deciding a life on the streets would be better than working seven days a week in the laundry, getting spots out of the clergy’s robes. Now she spent her nights huddled under a cardboard box, hoping to find her next meal in the nearby garbage cans. The kindness of Pastor Percy afforded her an old shawl to cover her shoulders.

She felt lost and alone with barely a memory of the comfort of her mother’s arms. Then she met Mr. Jones, a scruffy dog accompanied by an unusual beggar. Bitty sensed something strange about the beggar, something that could change her life.

Every night, she prayed for miracles. Could this be the miracle that would save Bitty Brown’s life?

About the author: Joy Ross Davis is a student of the lore and magic of the hills of Tennessee. She writes imaginative fiction featuring unusual angels as main characters. Her novel, Countenance, won a Silver Medal in an international readers’ contest. She has lived and worked in Alabama for most of her life.

The Beggar's Miracle will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle this Friday, February 3rd.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

New Release - Murray Pura

Murray Pura delivers a story of love and survival that is about more than a war between nations

 “From the first sentence…to the last musings of its anti-hero, Beautiful Skin by Murray Pura takes [the reader] on an astonishing trip.” Patrick E. Craig, author of The Amish Heiress

Murray Pura is the author of more than a dozen novels, two collections of short stories, and several non-fiction titles including the Zondervan books Rooted and Streams, as well as the Baker devotional Majestic & Wild. His first novel was released in Toronto in 1988 and was a finalist for the Dartmouth Book Award. Pura has been a finalist for several awards in the US and Canada, including the $25,000 Kobzar Literary Award for his novel Zo. In 2012, Pura won the Word Award of Toronto for Best Historical Novel for The White Birds of Morning

His latest release is a novel titled Beautiful Skin published by MillerWords Publishing, a World War II Romance with more than meets the eye:

Principle character Andrew Chornavka and his family were caught up in the fires of the second great war. Love, betrayal, sacrifice, heroism, savagery, things amazing and miraculous were all part of this world, and the world of Chornavka’s brothers and sisters. Armies clashed and battles raged in the skies and on the ground. Yet the wars of the heart were no less fiery and painful, and the hunt to find hope and meaning within nations ripped apart by conflict, just as desperate as the struggle to survive. America, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and Berlin are the backdrop to a powerful drama of the human soul, to a story of a love that proved impossible to stop, a war that proved impossible to win and a faith that proved impossible to break.

According to the author, “My two aunts had a love-hate relationship that saw their family emigrate to Russia and Ukraine, where they were trapped by the German invasion and practically wiped out, even forced into slave labor in Berlin.”

This is a personal story for both the author and his characters. The real-life events of his family inspired the story. Pura considers himself to be an observer of the human experience, writing in almost every genre: Amish, suspense, adventure, war, romance, Western, historical fiction, literary fiction, even including nonfiction and academic in the areas of history, biography, spirituality, theology, inspirational, and memoirs. His goal as an author is to entertain, inspire and enlighten his readers. With Beautiful Skin, he accomplishes that, but also shares a piece of himself and his family’s history. He also wrote several original songs for the novel that capture the spirit of the Berlin jazz clubs of the time.

Pura adds, “This is a story where sisters are caught up in their own war of love and hate, and ultimately have to make a choice.”

Murray Pura was born and raised in Winnipeg, but now lives and writes in southwestern New Mexico. Beautiful Skin is his first novel with MillerWords and will be accompanied by a collection of original poems entitled Petals. Both books are available in paperback and Amazon Kindle beginning January 6th, 2017.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Cover Reveal - Murray Pura

Murray Pura is a best-selling and award-winning author. He has been writing for close to 30 years and his releases include well-known titles like: Ashton Park, The Wings of Morning, The Face of Heaven, The Rose of Lancaster County, A Road Called Love, The Painted Sky, An Amish Family Christmas and London Dawn. His diverse writing spans many genres including historical fiction, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, romance, adventure, western, suspense, fantasy, Amish, and inspirational.

Now Murray comes to MillerWords with, perhaps, his most personal story and its companion piece.

MillerWords is pleased to introduce Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin is a novel set in the WWII era. The back cover explains it best: Once upon a time there was a war and Andrew Chornavka and his family were caught up in its fires. Love, betrayal, sacrifice, heroism, savagery, things amazing and miraculous - it was all part of his world, and the world of his brothers and sisters, as armies clashed and battles raged in the skies and on the ground. Yet the wars of the heart were no less fiery and painful, and the hunt to find hope and meaning within nations ripped apart by conflict, just as desperate as the struggle to survive. America, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and Berlin are the backdrop to a powerful drama of the human soul, to a story of a love that proved impossible to stop, a war that proved impossible to win and a faith that proved impossible to break.

The companion piece is a personal collection of poems called Petals.

This is the story of a war. But it is also a story of human love and beauty and faith that the sun will rise again over a nation torn by terrible conflict.

If a novel is like live streaming or Netflix, then poetry is a gallery of HD images taken with your iPhone or Nikon DSLR, each picture sharp and crystalline and rich with color and meaning, etched in your mind forever thanks to its precision and brilliance.

This is a small book of such high definition images, vivid snaps of one man's journey through the recent military conflict in Ukraine. People's faces are here, fields of flowers are here, impossibly blue skies and sharp suns, roads and streets and windows that remain perfectly intact even though the rest of the house has been blown to pieces. Love is here, and peace sits in the same room as pain, while hope has more strength than killing or death. The man's words are beautiful and true and, as real as the war he fights is, dawn and tomorrow are more real.

Parts of it will tell your story. Parts of it will become your story. Parts of it will take you on a journey you never expected to take. That is the power of poetry in motion.

Begin at this man's beginning.

Both books will be available in paperback and eBook in time for Christmas. Beautiful Skin is already garnering advance reviews calling it: riveting, heartbreaking and fascinating.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cover Reveal - Set Free

Here is the brand new cover for 
George Michael Loughmueller's 
Set Free

To be clear, this is a RE-publication of a story that was originally available as an eBook mini-series. This is not a new story, but it is a brand new edition with a new cover and new publisher. The original story was first published in 2012. The MillerWords edition has a new title, as well. Loughmueller plans to release the second book under a new title and then complete the trilogy with an all new story in time for Christmas.

About this book: Come for a visit to Karsten Field. A man on the brink of self-destruction, Allan Howarth is unhappy in work, in marriage, in family. He is stressed by finances and relationship problems. A letter from a forgotten friend invites Allan to Karsten Field. Allan suddenly finds his life changing in ways he could never imagine. His faith is challenged and renewed. When Allan thinks he finally found the perect life, he is at risk of losing it all. Will his last chance finally set him free?

Set Free will be available from MillerWords, LLC on Amazon Kindle and in paperback beginning November 11, 2016.

*This edition contains previously released material.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Cover Reveal - Not So Perfect Game

The Small World Global Protection Agency is an entertaining and educational series for young readers.

They tell the ongoing adventures of Josh and Madison as they travel the world fighting the sinister agency known as BIXAR (that's pronounced bizarre).

Both Josh and Madison are exceptional students, who did their homework and treated their classmates with respect - which is why they were chosen to join the Global Protection Agency.

"It's been a few years since I wrote about their adventures. Coming back to Josh and Madison for this third adventure was like seeing old friends again," says author Mark Miller.

The book covers for the series are created by Paul S. Seus. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Paul is a highly talented graphic designer. His book covers capture the essence of each story.

The newest book is no exception. Small World Global Protection Agency Case File 003: The Not So Perfect Game will be available in paperback and Amazon Kindle beginning Friday, November 4, 2016.

Without further delay, The Not So Perfect Game cover reveal:

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

FREE eBook

I like getting reviews (what author doesn't?), so I'm going to celebrate.

Promise of Tomorrow, a speculative Christian-themed sci-fi story received a 5-star review from the good folks over at Reader's Favorite.

Here's a snippet of what they had to say:

"... an insightful and emotional an interesting insight into the Amish faith and the increasing challenges its followers face in this era of continued modernisation and technological advancement. Promise of Tomorrow is a great lesson in accepting change and reconciling the old ways with the new. It is also a lesson in unwavering faith and contentment in all the gifts and will find this a worthy and thrilling read." - Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Please read the full review at their site -

How I'm going to celebrate? By giving it away FREE on Amazon Kindle, of course!

Starting today, for the next 5 days (one for each star), Promise of Tomorrow is FREE on Kindle. 

Get it here -

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