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FREE eBook

I like getting reviews (what author doesn't?), so I'm going to celebrate.

Promise of Tomorrow, a speculative Christian-themed sci-fi story received a 5-star review from the good folks over at Reader's Favorite.

Here's a snippet of what they had to say:

"... an insightful and emotional an interesting insight into the Amish faith and the increasing challenges its followers face in this era of continued modernisation and technological advancement. Promise of Tomorrow is a great lesson in accepting change and reconciling the old ways with the new. It is also a lesson in unwavering faith and contentment in all the gifts and will find this a worthy and thrilling read." - Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Please read the full review at their site -

How I'm going to celebrate? By giving it away FREE on Amazon Kindle, of course!

Starting today, for the next 5 days (one for each star), Promise of Tomorrow is FREE on Kindle. 

Get it here -

If you do grab it, please leave a review. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

5 Questions for JAX

MillerWords' newest author answers a few questions about his name, his story and his Native American ties.

JAX lives and writes in the U.S. He divides his time between Montana and the American Southwest. He has also traveled to many parts of the world including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and he hasn't done it as part of a tourist package. His keen interest in Native American culture has taken him across America as well. Story telling is at the heart of what he does and he uses it to explore the clash as well as the connection between the various peoples of the North American continent. Many Gray Horses is his first work of fiction.

MW: Our readers might assume that JAX is a pen name. Can you explain what JAX means or where the name came from?

J: It stands for Jacks but is a unique way of rendering it. Out of respect for my Native American friends, I have chosen to use the pen name.

MW: Your story focuses on two teenage boys, one Native American and the other raised partially in a Native American culture. The details in the story feel first-hand and authentic. Can you expand on your ties to this Native American culture?

J: I’ve been privileged to have friends who were Blackfoot, Cree, Sioux and Navajo. I also experienced the Wounded Knee Uprising of 1973 first-hand. Over the years I’ve lived near several reservations and attended tribal ceremonies and rituals on numerous occasions. It has become a lifelong interaction.

MW: I can see you have some strong bonds. It makes sense that you would want to keep that private, while being able to share some incredible stories. Now, there are stories within your story. One of the boys is often telling tales of Native American mythology. How relevant, do you feel, is that mythology today? Does it co-exist or conflict with Christianity/other major religion?

J: Native American mythology, the stories of natural and supernatural events, remains strong among some people in all tribes but is ignored by a good many as well. They are attempts to understand and give shape to Native American history and experience. In some cases, they overlap or connect quite well with Christian beliefs and ethics. In other cases, there are great differences. There are Native Americans who embrace Christ who do not want to mix their new faith with Native American spirituality at all. There are others who look for bridges between the two. I expect the same pattern might be true with other faiths as well.

MW: With the themes of self-discovery and budding romance, would you call Many Gray Horses a "YA story for adults" or an "adult story for teens"?

J: It is for YA and older adults but the story is told from the point of view of one of the teens who is 16 or 17. I would put the story in a category of 16 and up audience.

MW: It honestly is a beautiful story, but it is not a simple adventure and goes beyond coming of age. Do you feel romance is a necessary part of this self-discovery?

J: What one of the teen boys discovers is that the love and support of a young woman he admires makes all the difference when it comes to making sense of what he experiences on the mountain. She also makes all the difference when it comes to going further with his journey and self-discovery than he has ever gone before.

MW: What you are saying is that romance is a necessary part of life.

Thank you for being here today JAX and thank you, reader, for joining us.

Many Gray Horses is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle from MillerWords for ONLY $0.99

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Cover Reveal - Many Gray Horses

MillerWords is pleased to announce
the upcoming release:

an Inward Dwelling tale by

Many Gray Horses is a moving story of friendship and coming of age. First time author JAX brings his Native American experiences to life and explores a mythical spirituality in this short story.

Many Gray Horses will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle from MillerWords publishing beginning September 1st. Pre-Order is open now -

About the Book: A stream runs out of the mountains and races through a small town by the Montana border. On its banks two teenage boys - one white, one Native American - watch and talk and take in the stories about the stream's source, a mysterious canyon high in the Rockies where glaciers feed the turquoise waters. Meanwhile the boys have stories of their own - about how the earth came to be, and the mountains, and the tribes, and the bears and the warriors. And they have other stories too - about a crippled brother, and the hard deaths of a father and a mother, the bullets and blood of the 1973 Wounded Knee Uprising, about a girl more beautiful than moonlight. Sometimes it's difficult to separate the myth from the real. A trek to find the source of the mountain stream could set everything right. It could bring the healing, and understanding, and the connection to all things natural, supernatural, and spiritual the boys crave. If only they can finish the journey. If only the truth can find them when they do.

About the Author:
JAX lives and writes in the U.S. He divides his time between Montana and the American Southwest. He has also traveled to many parts of the world including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and he hasn't done it as part of a tourist package. His keen interest in Native American culture has taken him across America as well. Story telling is at the heart of what he does and he uses it to explore the clash as well as the connection between the various peoples of the North American continent. Many Gray Horses is his first work of fiction.

About the Publisher: MillerWords, LLC has over 8 years writing experience and we are branching out to publishing. We are now accepting submissions. Submission Guidelines: *Doc or Docx files only, as attachment, *NO formatting except page breaks after chapters and italics (i.e. no tabs, no bold), *brief synopsis in body of email, *brief author bio in body of email. MillerWords publishes in many genres, but will not consider graphic horror or erotica. Please email submissions to

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Monday, July 4, 2016


You may have noticed some subtle changes to my social media and official site recently.

Here is the good news: MillerWords, LLC is now accepting submissions for publication.

The plan is simple - a streamlined publishing experience which gives more control to the author.

MillerWords will format and produce both paperback and eBooks, then partner with the author to promote the stories in the most creative ways possible.

The question is simple - What can I do for you?

With over 20 years of customer service and retail experience, my goal is to help in any way that I can.  I have been a traditionally published author since 2008 and I want to produce professional, attractive books that will look great on any shelf. Through Authors in the Park, I will offer the added benefit of promoting local authors and selling anything in the MillerWords library.

If you have been trying to decide whether to self-publish, send me an email. If you are tired of rejection letters, send me an email. If you have any questions, send me an email.

MillerWords pricing and contracts are very competitive and fully negotiable. Whether it is one book for a family reunion or the launch of your best-seller career, I want to help you make that dream a reality.

MillerWords is not a vanity press or self-publishing. Your book will be registered with the Library of Congress, have an ISBN, and the MillerWords imprint.

So, what can I do for you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Christmas Already?

It's never too early to start planning for the holidays, right?

I had to get a head start on this one. December 10, 2016 will be the 5th anniversary of Authors in the Park and we will be celebrating in style with the "Christmas Book-tacular"

What is Authors in the Park (AIP)?

It's a local event for local authors. Basically, its a way to promote the little guys (like me). Past events have featured local authors, new break-out writers, regional favorites, international best-sellers and even a rock-and-roll legend. It's a great way to be involved in the community with raffles donated by local businesses, art strolls, wine tastings. We have done quite a lot.

That's why we wanted to go big this year to celebrate. The upcoming event will host 40 authors - who can register here:

Check out the link to see the schedule for the day. I will give you a hint: there will be an author reception, two guest speakers and a huge public expo for authors to sell and sign their works.

Jaimie M. Engle is an award-winning author from Brevard County, Florida. She has written professionally since 2003 with publications in Space Coast Living Magazineand Florida Today Newspaper along with Writer’s Digest and the Dr. Laura Program. She independently published her anti-bullying children’s book Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light in 2013, which won a BRAG Medallion in 2015 and was listed as a Top 10 Book in 2014 by Kid Lit Reviews. She published The Dredge in 2014, an L. Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future honorable mentions. Engle ran the Marketing Dept for an independent publishing house and lectures regularly at colleges, conferences, schools, and libraries. She runs her own editing & marketing firm to educate authors on marketing and publicity. Follow her at and hire her

Dan Walsh is the bestselling author of 16 novels including The Unfinished Gift, The Discovery and When Night Comes. He has won 3 Carol Awards (finalist 6 times), 3 Selah Awards and 3 of his books have been finalists for RT Review’s Inspirational Book of the Year. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Word Weavers International, Dan writes fulltime in the Daytona Beach area. He and his wife Cindi have been married 39 years. You can find out more about his books or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or Pinterest from his website at

There is only one thing missing - YOU!

AIP is extending an open invitation to you, the author, the independent, the self-published, the regional celeb. Registration is open now and space is limited. As of this writing, there are less than 30 tables still available. Early registration ends May 31st and the fee goes up after that. So, don't wait!

Register now and celebrate with us!

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