Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Can You Say No?

Look at this face. Do you think she has me wrapped around her precious little finger?

You bet she does!

And the result was this:

So, she came to me with all of these ideas about a story. She wanted adventure in mystical lands. She wanted heroes and monsters. Most of all, I think she wanted to spend some time with her Pop.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of a special and talented group of people known as Trestle Press. Where else could a writer present a story co-written by his 8 year old daughter and have it published? I can not express my gratitude enough to Giovanni and all of Trestle Press for this opportunity.

The story, you ask? The story is high fantasy and it takes place on the world of Kaskaya. The planet bears a strong resemblance to our own medieval past. Except they developed technology with electricity and not gunpowder. Their warriors use swords and computers.

I am not at a loss for ideas. Still, to see what springs out of her head amazes me. She is primarily responsible for the creative content. No name, no place is put on paper without Olivia's approval. Mostly, I think I am there to work the keyboard and turn a phrase. For a third grader, though, she has a way with words herself.

For ONLY 99 Cents, you can't say "NO" to a beautiful little girl? Get the story HERE or click on the picture above.

Don't forget, I have four children. I want everyone to know how proud I am of Zak. He is amazing with computers and helped me with the fantastic cover design. Ashlin is my math whiz and Liam is a junior paleontologist. It is for all four of them that I keep writing. They are my inspiration. It makes it that much sweeter that I can share a by-line with Olivia.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And Now a Word From....

Giovanni Gelati. That's right, Trestle Press's main man is back and he says something to say. Oh, this is a big deal and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Amish Knitting Circle now occupies the numbers 2,3,4,5 rankings in short story fiction in all of Amazon Kindle, not by category, but overall. 

Check it out HERE: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/digital-text/157087011/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_kinc_1_4_last

They also are topping the charts on Amazon UK. Congratulations to Karen Anna Vogel and all the authors of Trestle Press. 

Why did I just mention all the authors of Trestle Press? 

Quite simply, it is because they all share one common goal and one vision­--- each other’s success and bringing quality reads to the market time after time.

One of the other visions they have embraced and ran with is the digital short series of the“Amish Knitting Circle”. There are more than 30 books now that Trestle Press publishes. Each month, a new installment of those series listed below will be released. The benefits to this are many, and just for fun I am going to list a few:

·        New content every three to four weeks to be easily read on your favorite e-reading device (smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, Kindle,Nook,iPad…), the reader can follow the progression of not just the characters but the authors development as well.
·         A variety of genres to follow, so the reads can be rotated and fresh, low cost fun (the majority $0.99 each)
·         80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year. (People don’t have time for full length novels.)
·         Great way to discover a new and emerging author without much investment in time or money(many of these authors have full length work to purchase, don’t forget
·         Great way to have fun and look forward to a ray of sunshine in your reading week (I love digital short stories, they really help me keep my reading fresh and fun)

Having the label “Indie Press” or being with a “little publisher” doesn’t mean the content is small or little. I feel it is an advantage in this day and age. The authors of Trestle Press have a tremendous amount of input and say in what goes on and their direction. The common vision they share, their incredible communication and team work have put them on the cusp of achieving much success.
The Grand Slam success of “Amish Knitting Circle” and the many titles they have charted on Amazon Kindle and Amazon UK is just the tip of the iceberg for them as they continue their journey. Why not join them and find out what they are all about? 

The authors would love for you to read their hard work and give them feedback: Email them, find them on any social network and friend them, tell them what would make them a better more relevant author in your eyes.

In no particular order I have listed the digital short story series currently up and running from Trestle Press. The additions to the list change often so please feel free to put Trestle Press in your Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook toolbar each and every time you go shopping:

Karen Anna Vogel-“Amish Knitting Circle”
Roger Rheinheimer/Crystal Linn- “Amish Forever”
Paul D. Brazill- “Drunk on The Moon”
Chantal Boudreau- “Weird, Wicked and Wonderful”
Benjamin Sobieck-“Maynard Soloman”
Darren Sant-“Tales of The Longcroft Estate”
Mark Miller-“One”
Sam Lang –“Reprisal”
Jochem Vandersteen-“A Mike Dalmas Story”
B.R. Stateham- “Call Me Smitty”
William Tooker-“Slouching Towards Bethlehem”
Mark Miller-“Small World Global Protection Agency”
Mark Cooper-“How I Met Your Mother”
Lisa Taylor-“Shana Black”
Alexandrea Weis-“NOLA”
Celilia Robert-“The Soul Collector’s Series”
Cody Toye- “Dribbles the Squirrel”
H.R. Toye- “Debtor’s Chip”
The Author’s Lab/Collaboration Series
S.L. Schmitz-“Mina’s Daughter…The Harker’s Chronicles”
Whit Howland-“The Cain Series”
Heath Lowrance- “Deadland ,USA”
Michael Tabman- “Bad Intent”
Julia Madeleine- “The Devils’ Music”
Big Daddy Abel-“Open Mic”
Heath Lowrance-“That Damn Coyote Hill”
Thad Brown-“Smoking Gun Sisterhood”
Darren Sant/Sam Lang-“Severed”
McDroll-“Kick It”
Luca Veste- “Liverpool 5”
Col Bury- “Manchester 6”
Angelique LaFontaine/Eddie Frantom-“Thirty-1”
Sue Mydliak- “Friday Flashes”
Tanya Cotios-“Wicked Little Lies”
R.Thomas Brown-“Old Man Coyote”

As a reader I like to look for new stuff to read. I thrive on finding new authors with awesome stuff. The digital age of publishing has allowed me as a reader to discover new and various ways to read them. Less than a year ago this format was just an afterthought, an exercise for an author.
Now, thanks to visionaries like Karen Anna Vogel and her fellow Trestle Press authors, we the reader, can have our fun and read it too. I for one really like that. Join me in celebrating the freedom of reading in any way, size and e-reader we want to. Download one or more of these innovative, provocative and fun series. Challenge yourself and the author’s.  See what else we can all accomplish together.

Trestle Press- bringing authors and readers together.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Want Some Candy?

I am delighted to announce today that the third story of One is available now from Trestle Press!

You can get Dr. Candy by Sudè Khanian for ONLY 99 Cents by clicking HERE.

Dr. Candy is an emotional story, well two actually. Ms. Khanian shares some rather personal events from her life. The primary tale, which continues after it ends, is about two lovers that have come to a parting. The woman is going her own way and leaving the man facing a major decision about what society considers normal. You see, he is a cross-dresser. Some may find this a delicate issue, but the author handles it with skill and does not force anything on the reader. The intertwining story gives us an unexplained miracle presented in the form of a man known as Dr. Candy. I won't spoil the ending on this one, but, trust me, you will be rewarded.