Monday, December 5, 2016

Cover Reveal - Murray Pura

Murray Pura is a best-selling and award-winning author. He has been writing for close to 30 years and his releases include well-known titles like: Ashton Park, The Wings of Morning, The Face of Heaven, The Rose of Lancaster County, A Road Called Love, The Painted Sky, An Amish Family Christmas and London Dawn. His diverse writing spans many genres including historical fiction, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, romance, adventure, western, suspense, fantasy, Amish, and inspirational.

Now Murray comes to MillerWords with, perhaps, his most personal story and its companion piece.

MillerWords is pleased to introduce Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin is a novel set in the WWII era. The back cover explains it best: Once upon a time there was a war and Andrew Chornavka and his family were caught up in its fires. Love, betrayal, sacrifice, heroism, savagery, things amazing and miraculous - it was all part of his world, and the world of his brothers and sisters, as armies clashed and battles raged in the skies and on the ground. Yet the wars of the heart were no less fiery and painful, and the hunt to find hope and meaning within nations ripped apart by conflict, just as desperate as the struggle to survive. America, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and Berlin are the backdrop to a powerful drama of the human soul, to a story of a love that proved impossible to stop, a war that proved impossible to win and a faith that proved impossible to break.

The companion piece is a personal collection of poems called Petals.

This is the story of a war. But it is also a story of human love and beauty and faith that the sun will rise again over a nation torn by terrible conflict.

If a novel is like live streaming or Netflix, then poetry is a gallery of HD images taken with your iPhone or Nikon DSLR, each picture sharp and crystalline and rich with color and meaning, etched in your mind forever thanks to its precision and brilliance.

This is a small book of such high definition images, vivid snaps of one man's journey through the recent military conflict in Ukraine. People's faces are here, fields of flowers are here, impossibly blue skies and sharp suns, roads and streets and windows that remain perfectly intact even though the rest of the house has been blown to pieces. Love is here, and peace sits in the same room as pain, while hope has more strength than killing or death. The man's words are beautiful and true and, as real as the war he fights is, dawn and tomorrow are more real.

Parts of it will tell your story. Parts of it will become your story. Parts of it will take you on a journey you never expected to take. That is the power of poetry in motion.

Begin at this man's beginning.

Both books will be available in paperback and eBook in time for Christmas. Beautiful Skin is already garnering advance reviews calling it: riveting, heartbreaking and fascinating.

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