Monday, August 14, 2017

Cover Reveal - Murray Pura's "All My Beautiful Tomorrows"

You've been waiting almost three years and now he's back!

Murray Pura returns to Amish Romance with his latest release. Today, we reveal the cover for...

All My Beautiful Tomorrows

Murray is a talented writer in any genre, but we at MillerWords are excited to see him back amongst the plain folk. This is a touching story about making choices and finding where you are supposed to be in this world.

About the book: She wanted to be Amish more than anything else. Kirsten found herself in a unique position. She stood on the precipice of another world. She watched that world of peace and simplicity from the edge of her hectic life. Kirsten worked at Zook’s Amish Diner in the day and she helped the Schrock family with their wheelchair-bound son Malachi each evening. In her mind, she was Amish. The Bishop did not agree and he questioned her intentions, as well as her past. Kirsten was once engaged to a soldier who died on deployment. She came from a military family and she was currently seeing another soldier named Brandon. The Bishop could not allow her in their church. Things become more complicated when Kirsten meets Joshua, the Amish blacksmith. Does choosing between Brandon and Joshua mean giving up her dreams of becoming Amish? What does tomorrow hold for Kirsten?

All My Beautiful Tomorrows will be available soon 
from MillerWords in eBook and paperback!

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