Monday, December 20, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to meet and work with Corbin Bernsen. You might know him from L.A. Law, Major League or Psych. I know him as an interesting guy with some new ideas. He was in Orlando and we did a one day shoot for a faith-based movie I am involved with called Heading Home.

While we were on set we talked about one of my favorite shows, Psych. We also had the chance to discuss the importance of positive values in entertainment. We are on the same page in saying there needs to be more books, movies and TV for the family. He and I are both at interesting points in our spiritual journeys as well. I won't put words in his mouth, but he seems to dislike labels as much as I do.

Now, I'm patiently waiting for his feedback on The Fourth Queen. I have to say it was a treat working with him and the very talented members of the rest of the cast and crew.

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