Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Some New Friends

Now that we are less than 20 days from the release of The Lost Queen, I thought you might like to meet some of the new characters.

Don't worry, many of your favorites will be back, like Adam, William and Fury. Of course, Zandria and Olena will be there.

There is a spirited young girl you should get to know. She is forty-four years old, so when I say young, I mean young in elven years.

Dew Lantisphere is the epitome of independence and self-confidence. She is strong and intelligent, but it comes with a quick, sharp wit. Her silver eyes do not give a deep glimpse into her deep soul. While she has been around a lot longer than Zandria, she is, essentially, still a child.

The elves of Empyrean are very much like past Native Americans. They are in tune with nature and live a secluded life. Dew has managed to bridge the gap between their secret world and the larger one of the queens and their four realms.

Dew meets Zandria by chance and quickly joins her on her quest. They are two adventurous girls out to solve the mystery of The Lost Queen.

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