Friday, April 8, 2011

Meeting the Mentor

Only 23 days until The Lost Queen

Meanwhile, back in the pages of The Fourth Queen, Zandria is about to meet her mentor.

Campbell says, in the broadest terms, the mentor can simply be any source of wisdom. The mentor is there to assist the hero in overcoming basic fears. Many times this can be an evolved hero.

So, in a frozen part of the Dead Forest, Zandria and Olena meet William. He is a tragic character who once was something of a hero himself. Now he is 500 years old and, in Zandria's opinion, quite useless. As the story progresses, William does reveal his usefulness though. He has knowledge and wisdom to share with Zandria. Her view of the world is limited to Banookanook, while William has apparently traveled to all of the realms of Empyrean.

As I mentioned, William is tragic. He is found frozen and has been that way for 500 years. Everyone and everything he knew is gone. He found himself in this predicament because he lost his one true love. We know her as the late Queen of the Eastern Sky, but he knew her in an entirely different way. He almost calls her by her name once, leaving us with the clue that it starts with the letter "R". William awakens to a new world to see his home destroyed and his true love gone into the twilight. Yet, as a true hero, he pledges to aide the girls and helps them continue their journey. He repeatedly shows his compassion and bravery in each encounter. William even gives Zandria the final push along her path while apparently sacrificing himself.

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