Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maybe too soon?

I know The Lost Queen only came out last month, but my mind (and writing) is currently on the third and fourth books in the series.

While I am hard at work on revisions for the fourth draft of Book III: The Secret Queen, I wanted to share a little. Here is the opening of the first chapter:

       Aeran the hawk perched on the thick cedar beam that spanned The top of the sandstone arch. The splintered wood left an odd sensation on his old wound. His long lost talons would never grow back.

Being smaller than the fearsome native hawks of this strange land, Aeran roosted unnoticed. He pecked momentarily at the wood beneath his claws hoping to find a snack. When he found no insects, he turned his attention back to the crowded marketplace.

He scanned the rows of tables shaded by their brightly colored awnings and tried to watch the hundreds of tanned faces that conducted their business today. Most of the market-goers were human, but the ones that made Aeran nervous had the heads and tails of cats attached to human bodies. Still, he did not spy the one wretched face he grew to know so well over the past several days. This made him wonder if the other innocent people could sense this evil in their midst.

To read the rest of the chapter, visit my site and go to the Book tab. You can find previews of the first three books in The Empyrical Tales series. As you scroll down, follow the sneak preview link next to each title.

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