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The Authors of ONE: De Miller

The next installment of One will be coming your way from Trestle Press very soon, so I wanted to give you an opportunity to meet the next author.

De Miller is a former newspaper reporter, photographer and editor now living in the little central Florida town of Mount Dora. He became a born again Christian on July 13, 2008. He and his wife, Sue, have four children and 17 grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way. Through the years, he served as a reporter, photographer and relief desk editor for The Star and then as a reporter, photographer, Associate Editor and finally Managing Editor of the Kansas City Kansan, the daily newspaper on the Kansas side of Kansas City. Following some 15 years in the newspaper business, he became the Public Information officer for the Wyandotte County Commissioners for eight years. He entered private business, owning and operating several businesses in Kansas City. Also during his post-government years he operated his own Public Relations firm and sold freelance articles to such diverse publications as the National Enquirer, the Sporting News and Handicraft Magazine.

I prepared a few questions and my father was kind enough to answer them.

MM: Given what we are trying to accomplish with "One", what was the inspiration for your contribution to the series?

DM: As a "baby" Christian, I wanted to share my excitement about my new found knowledge with family and friends. If I learned about a new way to repair a car, I would certainly share that with those I loved. So why not share what I've learned about the true meaning of life?

MM: Sharing is a cornerstone of "One". We definitely want to expose readers to different viewpoints and give them things to consider. You have a lengthy background in writing. Why don't you share how long you've been at it?

DM: Do I have to tell? : ) Can I even remember back that far? : ) : ) Okay. 43 years!

MM: I won't add to your pain by saying that's longer than I've been alive. In that time, I'm sure you've developed some habits, good or bad. Tell us something interesting or odd that you do while writing?

DM: I wouldn't call it a habit or an eccentricity....but I really enjoy writing outdoors. I wrote my first novel on my laptop and a portable desk sitting on a park bench on the bank of Lake Dora here in Mount Dora, FL. When I don't have time to load up the desk and computer, I wheel it out on my deck overlooking a smaller lake and enjoy the shade and breeze. Maybe that is eccentric?

MM: I would say that's a great way to get in touch with nature. A lot of different faiths depend on communicating with nature. Can you tell us something more about your faith that we can't get from your story?

DM: I think I probably made this clear in the article, but I think it bears repeating. God is the faithful one. He will always be there for you. Just acknowledge Him in all you do and He will provide. Quit worrying.

MM: Very nice. Obviously that is a big part of your work these days, but who are some of your writing influences?

DM: Mark Twain, Mark Miller, Tony Hillerman, James Lee Burke, Liliam Jackson Braun and Robert B. Parker. (Not too many faith writers, huh?)

MM: I'm not sure I deserve it, but I'm humbled to be included in such an esteemed list. Many of our readers would probably agree that your influences don't all have to be spiritual. It's the message and not the messenger, right? If your spiritual influence is not overwhelmingly from other authors, who does influence you in that realm?

DM: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the one and only. But to name some people with whom I've personally come in contact with, I would have to say Apostle Matthew J. Shaw, T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers.

MM: Another great list. These are people you've come in contact with in your life, in one way or another. That leads me into the next question. Give us a hint at the real you. Share something about your life that we can't read in your bio?

DM: I guess it would be my secret desire to be a movie actor. At this point in my life, I couldn't pass for a leading man type, but certainly a character actor. I wrote, directed and produced a couple direct-to-video movies in the mid-90s and I put myself in those; I also wrote, directed and produced a Christian movie (Daniel's Lot, which is now in worldwide release through Bridgestone Multimedia) and I gave myself a speaking part in that movie. We are in pre-production for our second Christian movie and I have already lined up a part for me in that if no one else will hire me, I will!

MM: Sounds like fun. I hope it goes well for you. Before we wrap things up, we definitely want to know what else you have in the works. What are your other projects right now?

DM: As I mentioned, I am involved in the movie ministry at our church, Faith and Power Worship Center in Apopka, FL. We recently released our first movie, Daniel's Lot, which stars Emmy-award winner Gary Burghoff (Radar from M*A*S*H). That movie received the coveted Family Approval Seal from the Dove Foundation and was named fan favorite at the Holywood Film Festival in New York earlier this year. We are presently seeking funding for our second feature. We actually have two in the pipeline: A faith-filled Baseball movie entitled Heading Home and a Prodigal Son story set on a horse ranch, entitled The Long Ride. I am also involved with a non-profit group, Arts for the Community, Inc., and we are setting up a Christian radio station as our first project. The station will serve the Marion County area near Ocala, FL. The call letters are WTYG (We Thank You God) and we'll be at 91.5 FM. We hope to be on the air by November.

MM: You are certainly busy. I want to close with a couple fun questions. First, if you could ask your supreme being one question, what would it be?

DM: I don't know that I would have a question. I would really enjoy telling Him face to face, thank you for this wonderful life He has given me. Oh, I guess I will be able to do that.....not too soon, though.

MM: We're not wanting you to hurry to that appointment either. Lastly, if you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?

DM: Chocolate chip. It is smooth and crunchy at the same time. Is that me? Maybe.

MM: Thank you for taking your time and sharing some of your thoughts. Below are some links where readers can learn more about De Miller and his many inspirational projects.

Coming Soon from Trestle Press: Mark Miller's One - Story Two: Twelve Steps by De Miller

In story two, De Miller tells something of his life growing up and compares it to his new existence as a Born Again Christian. He has strong influences from both his mother and father that shaped his whole life. After forty years, he is learning something new. 

Daniel's Lot     Daniel's Lot
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