Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rewards for Readers

Trestle Press is doing it again and this time you, the readers, win!

Trestle is celebrating an anniversary, of sorts. Much like a budding young romance, every milestone is a good one. This celebration comes for the 6 Month Anniversary of The Author's Lab Collaboration series.

About six months ago, during an airing of The G-Zone, Giovanni Gelati took a call from Katherine LaHart. He never expected what she wanted to ask. Ms. LaHart suggested that Giovanni write a collaboration. From there, a new eBook series was born that has since spawned 22 installments. The stories cover almost all genres and most are ONLY 99 Cents. You can click HERE to see the list of authors from around the world.

So for this special occasion, Trestle Press wants to give you a present. That's right, you get something for FREE. Completely free. Trestle is giving away one Author's Lab story for each month of the series. (click on the title for a description, click on the author to see their other works)

There you go! Six great stories and you can get one for free simply by contacting Giovanni at Gelati's Scoop or go directly to the author of the story that you want.

Email me at: Mark@MillerWords.com 

For an added bonus, if you purchase any of the other Author's Lab stories (see the list HERE), you can get another one free. That's 3 great stories for the price of one! When you buy your story, send the proof of purchase to Giovanni or the author to get the additional free one. These specials only last until the end of September.

Why are we doing this? Easy. We (the Trestle Authors) want our stories to be read. 

I want to share my words and build a fan base. I want feedback from you. I want to see comments and reviews on sites like Facebook, Amazon or Goodreads. Let me know what you think. I have a blast doing this and I want you to enjoy reading my work as much as I do writing it.

As always, Thank You!

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