Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Can You Say No?

Look at this face. Do you think she has me wrapped around her precious little finger?

You bet she does!

And the result was this:

So, she came to me with all of these ideas about a story. She wanted adventure in mystical lands. She wanted heroes and monsters. Most of all, I think she wanted to spend some time with her Pop.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of a special and talented group of people known as Trestle Press. Where else could a writer present a story co-written by his 8 year old daughter and have it published? I can not express my gratitude enough to Giovanni and all of Trestle Press for this opportunity.

The story, you ask? The story is high fantasy and it takes place on the world of Kaskaya. The planet bears a strong resemblance to our own medieval past. Except they developed technology with electricity and not gunpowder. Their warriors use swords and computers.

I am not at a loss for ideas. Still, to see what springs out of her head amazes me. She is primarily responsible for the creative content. No name, no place is put on paper without Olivia's approval. Mostly, I think I am there to work the keyboard and turn a phrase. For a third grader, though, she has a way with words herself.

For ONLY 99 Cents, you can't say "NO" to a beautiful little girl? Get the story HERE or click on the picture above.

Don't forget, I have four children. I want everyone to know how proud I am of Zak. He is amazing with computers and helped me with the fantastic cover design. Ashlin is my math whiz and Liam is a junior paleontologist. It is for all four of them that I keep writing. They are my inspiration. It makes it that much sweeter that I can share a by-line with Olivia.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

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