Thursday, November 3, 2011

Want Some Candy?

I am delighted to announce today that the third story of One is available now from Trestle Press!

You can get Dr. Candy by Sudè Khanian for ONLY 99 Cents by clicking HERE.

Dr. Candy is an emotional story, well two actually. Ms. Khanian shares some rather personal events from her life. The primary tale, which continues after it ends, is about two lovers that have come to a parting. The woman is going her own way and leaving the man facing a major decision about what society considers normal. You see, he is a cross-dresser. Some may find this a delicate issue, but the author handles it with skill and does not force anything on the reader. The intertwining story gives us an unexplained miracle presented in the form of a man known as Dr. Candy. I won't spoil the ending on this one, but, trust me, you will be rewarded.

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