Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are you following me?

You can, on twitter. @AuthorMark - https://twitter.com/#!/AuthorMark

I want to be followed, except for that one guy that is literally following me. Stop it. Seriously, stop.

Joking aside, I am going to attempt my first "Live Tweeting" event this Saturday. When I go to my book signing at Heroes Landing (http://heroeslanding.com/) from 1PM to 3PM in Clermont, FL, I will take as many pics and make as many tweets as I can. I hope you will join me in the fun with your comments.

It is going to be a huge day. Besides selling vouchers for advance copies of The Secret Queen, it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! There will be other guest artists and authors, a Geeky Pinup booth, face-painting, surprise sales and more.

Let your inner nerd have some fun this weekend!

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  1. Those are impressive. The best ones are the ones where the shape of the hand or the skin texture works for the animal (like the elephant and giraffe). The painting of a cat on the hand seems a bit pointless.