Friday, August 17, 2012

Reflecting on Reflections

My nine-year-old daughter, Olivia, and I have completed the next step in the journey for the Sons of the King. Episode Five: Reflections is available now for ONLY 99 Cents.

I asked Olivia to share her thoughts on the story so far. Her thoughts are below...

It is hard to grab her attention at the moment. She is the rare child who looks forward to going back to school. With fourth grade starting in a few days, she is excited.

MM: How would you sum up the story from the beginning?

OM: The King mysteriously dies. The three sons go their separate ways and the new advisor Esephis takes over the kingdom. The oldest son, Taro, learns the ways of the Creator and the middle brother becomes a thief. Fallon, the youngest, is left alone with Esephis. 

MM: What comes next?

OM: The boys have to find their destiny.

MM: Since we are calling this a Christian Sci-fantasy, what would you say is the theme?

OM: The message is finding truth and believing in God. On the planet of Kaskaya, he is known as the Creator. The sons of the King learn skills to help them, but only the Creator knows their destiny.

MM: What exactly is a Sci-fantasy?

OM: It is a fantasy story with some science fiction in it.

MM: Is there anything special you would like to say about Episode Five: Reflections? What was your favorite part?

OM: I'd say my favorite part was when Ekron and his friends went through the Forest of Deception. 

And that's when she ran away to play with the small plush manatee that the Tooth Fairy delivered last night. I love that she is so mature in her writing, yet still a child at heart. She has a fantastic balance of innocence and imagination.

We will be back next month with Episode Six. Please grab your copy of Episode Five: Reflections today for ONLY 99 Cents.

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