Monday, October 8, 2012

Leanne Herrera Has a Story to Tell

I am happy to be part of Leanne Herrera's blog tour today! She is about to share a little story.

This is how I write. This is how I have always written. This is how I will always write. Not because any other way is incorrect, but because this is what works best for me.

I power write. I start the story on the page, and let it flow until I am too tired to write, or I run out of words to say. (Those that know me know that this is near impossible.) I do absolutely no research.

I can remember sitting in front of one such story teller and was amazed by the story he told. It was not about his era, which was far from modern, or about something he experienced. It was simply, a story, a notion from his head, something he made up on the fly.

The ideas that come to me are, often, something I cannot get out of my head until I put it on paper. So that is exactly what I have always done. I thought it, and then wrote it down.

I have tried several other ways. I have tried breaking apart a story and defining characters, main ideas, objectives, conflicts, the climax and the ending. Once I was finished, I felt I was prepared to finally sit down like a grown up author and write a story.

Then I realized I could no longer write the story. I no longer had a story to tell. Why, you may ask? I had already written it. I had written it in pieces. A part was for characters and all the other sections, formally excusing the story from my head and therefore losing all of it.

I effectively lost interest and the actual story was never written. While this method works for other authors, it is simply not what I am capable of. It was then I realized I am like the old man that sits on his porch, amusing the children. I am a story teller, so let me tell you a story.

About the author: Leanne Herrera is a mother and grandmother with a BFA in ceramics sculpture. She has always loved telling stories, whether it be in the form of her art, poetry or the written word. She has a love for books and animals. She has traveled the world, first with her father when he was in the military and then with her husband of twenty years who was also in the military. Right now she lives in Florida but one day hopes to own a farm with lots of rescue animals, where she can write and throw clay.


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