Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Step Closer

With the release of Episode Seven, Olivia and I are one step closer to the end. In fact, it is...

Sons of the King
Episode Seven
Beginning of the End

This is the penultimate episode of our Christian Sci-Fantasy story. The three brothers are on the verge of meeting their destiny.

I asked Olivia what she thought of the experience so far, writing with her father.


I prodded her, "That's it. You don't have anything else to say."


There you have it. It has been fun for both of us. One more episode next month. Until then, you can get Episode Seven: Beginning of the End right here:

About the book: Episode Seven is the beginning of the end. All of the choices of Ekron’s life are coming together in one fateful meeting. Esephis’s true plans are revealed and it looks that no one can stop him.Ekron left friends behind and even his older brother Taro. He has one last hope in finding his younger brother who has spent the last five years in the company of Esephis. He has no idea what he will find or how to stop the evil that is destroying Mysstira.

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