Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is the End

It took more than a year, but finally we have. Olivia and I started this project when she was 8 years old. Next week, she turns 10. What a wonderful journey! I have loved sharing every minute of it with her. Who knows what comes next?

For now, we have this and you can get it here:

Sons of the King
Episode Eight
The Last Day

Mark Miller (One, Small World Global Protection Agency) teams with his daughter and first time author Olivia Miller.

In Sons of the King, they have created a Christian-influenced fantasy world with a touch of science fiction. In the land of Mysstira on the planet Kaskaya, a great King has three sons. When a mysterious visitor falls from the sky, their world is changed forever. The sons of the King will soon face their destiny.

Episode Eight. The last day has come. The Domos were defeated at the very gates which they used to defend. Ekron and his friends are captured at the betrayal of his brother. Esephis has called for a public execution naming Ekron as the King’s assassin.

Ekron has nothing left. Nothing, except faith.

What brought them to this point. The Creator works in ways that we cannot imagine or understand. On this last day, the sons of the King will discover their destiny.

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