Monday, August 19, 2013

Look At This

Story Seven of the 2013 ONE series by Alexandria Barker
Through the Eyes of a Child

When a story or another person affirms ideas that you thought were only in your head, then that is a good story. More than once while reading this, I had to pause and reflect. Ms. Barker puts into words some things that made sense to me, things that I saw at work in my own life. They may seem like simple truths, but that does not make the concepts any less true. She shares a few anecdotes about her grandson and how he saw the world through the "eyes of a child". I recommend this and then challenge you to look at your world with new, young eyes.

100% of the author’s proceeds will be donated to Bridge to Ability Specialized Learning Center, a not-for-profit organization serving the educational and therapeutic needs of fragile children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. The authors, creator and publisher are in no other way affiliated with this organization.

Mark Miller’s One 2013 is a spiritual anthology examining True-Life experiences of Authors and their Faith. As the series evolves expect to discover what it means to have faith, no matter what that faith is and no matter where they live. Remember that we are all part of this One World.

In Story Seven, Alexandria Barker shares her understanding of the Law of Attraction as it applies to our spiritual being. She offers some simple explanations that she learned firsthand through her grandson. We are born into this world without an instruction manual. Alexandria has a few techniques that can help shape our energy while we’re here.

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