Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to Win

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I am thrilled to have a sponsor today because this post means a lot to me. Today, I am talking about my daughter. She's 10 years old and she's published! OK, I admit it. Our first work together (Sons of the King) was mostly me. She named the characters and locations, but I did the majority of writing. However, with her latest book, she did almost everything.

The Tinfoil Girl by Olivia Miller is a children’s story about being lost and finding your way. It is about discovering new worlds and new friends. Most of all, it is about having faith. This book was written by a ten year old elementary school student. 

I wrote a little review on Goodreads: I will do my best not to be bias and I will say this is not a "paid" review. As the author's father, I have to say that I see so much of this young lady's personality in the story. Her creativity and innocence shines through the pages. As an author myself, I am impressed by Olivia's word choice and her simple, direct story line. She delivers a strong message of faith without being "preachy". She establishes her character, creates conflict and delivers resolution. I look forward to the author she is going to become (far better than I will ever be).

She is also already receiving praise from professional critics, like THIS 5-star review from the free service at Reader's Favorite. How cool is it that she was compared to George MacDonald, a pioneer of modern fantasy!

What else can I tell you about Olivia? She is currently a full-time student. She completed a three year dual language program, in which she learned Spanish as a second language. Olivia is an Honor Roll member and has been recognized as a gifted student. Born in Kansas, she moved with her family to Florida at an early age. She has a passion for writing and a unique way with words. Sons of the King is her first collaboration with her father. She has many more stories to tell, but also holds a secret wish to sing on America's Got Talent. One of Olivia's claims to fame is that she starred as one of Daniel's daughters in the movie Daniel's Lot, available on DVD and as an eBook from Helping Hands Press. Find more about Olivia at and
I am amazed by her. Sure, as her father, I can say she is talented and beautiful. When you read The Tinfoil Girl, I invite you to decide for yourself if she has the makings of a great writer. I believe the whole project has been a boost for her self-confidence. That is something that is sadly lacking in many young people today and I see it when I visit classrooms. Any opportunity that we have to encourage and empower our children should have the highest priority. Having that book to hold in her hand or view on her Kindle has put a permanent smile on her face this past week. I expect she will go through the roof with that first sale.

Speaking of which, here are the links:

$6.99 Paperback -

$2.99 Kindle -

If you are a teacher or a librarian, I think the paperback is a must. Kindergarten through Third Grade can learn from this story and they will enjoy the illustrations. Parents, why not get it for your Kindle or Kindle app when you are sitting at the doctor's office or rolling through the grocery store?

And now to be rewarded for your patience. If you have read this far, remember at the beginning where I promised a $20 Amazon Gift Card? Let's make this simple. Starting now through Monday, Sept 30th, at 10AM EST, anybody (excluding the author's family) that likes Author Olivia on Facebook will be eligible to win. Click the link below, like the page and on Monday a winner will be chosen using Random.Org.

Thanks for reading! Please leave comments below or on FB. Olivia will personally respond to questions on her FB page.

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