Friday, November 8, 2013

Guest Interview - David Lawrence-Young

Today's guest post comes in the form of an interview with David Lawrence-Young:

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and back ground?born & educated in uk. Moved to israel in 1968 and spent most time since then getting a ba & ma in eng lit and teaching in high school & university. Written 13 historical novels & also articles for military history and english teaching magazines. Now live in jerusalem, married +3. I spent 16 years in israeli army active reserve as a combat soldier/driver.

2. What inspired you to write this book? “anne of cleves – henry’s luckiest wife” i like history and saw last book about anne had been written in 1946. Time for new one!

3. Describe what the book/story is about? How anne who is from an unimportant european duchy gets married to henry viii for political reasons.he tires of her immediately and is divorced after 6 months. To buy her off he gives her a fortune and she is very happy and lives happily ever after!

4. Is there a message in this novel you want your readers to grasp? Nothing deep, just a good story and learn to love history like me

5. What was the time frame for writing this book? Anne’s life and death

6. How did you came up with the title? Walking down the street thinking about it

7. Who created your cover? I did

8. Hardest part for writing this novel? Finding interesting details about a little known historical figure

9. How did you find your publisher/agent - if self published, why did you choose to self publish? No agent/ not self-published

10. What was your biggest learning experience/surprise throughout your publishing process? Having gmta taking me on so quickly

11. Do you have any other novels out there? If not, what's next? Yes. See my website: Next; a sequel to anne. A biographical novel about henry viii’s fifth wife, catherine howard.

12. When did writing become a passion? Have written since high school (1964) but published since 2000.

13. Is this a series? If so, tell us a bit about the books’s a 2-part series. See q.11.

14. Any advice for other writers? Hang in there & pray!

15. Anything you would like to say to your readers? I hope you enjoy my books and learn to love history as much as i do.

16. Favorite authors? None

17. Favorite books? Three men in a boat (j k j erome) & 1066 & all that (sellar & yeatman)

18. Website(s) and social media links? Don’t use facebook,(but should). My website:

19. Where can people buy your novel? From gmta or amazon etc

20. Something personal about yourself people may be surpriced to know?although i usually write about english history, I have been living in israel (now in jerusalem) for over 45 years. I also write every word first by hand and then put it onto a computer.

About the Book: It is winter 1539. King Henry VIII is galloping through the night to Rochester to meet a young woman. Just arrived in England from Germany, Anne of Cleves is destined to become his fourth wife. He has never met her before. He has only seen her portrait – the portrait of a sweet, demure and innocent young woman. The impatient and lovesick king must see her before their marriage. But this rushed and unplanned rendezvous will shock them and the country both. It will also lead to some completely unexpected and fatal results. “Anne of Cleves - Henry’s Luckiest Wife” is a well-written, great read! The author, David Lawrence-Young does a fantastic job in telling the tale of Anne of Cleves - one of the notorious King Henry’s many wives. Set in the early 1500s, the author provides great foreshadowing of things to come in the innocent Anne of Cleves’ life with King Henry. Tension builds as one learns of King Henry’s personality and his ultimate reactions when he becomes displeased. The King sets aside his first wife - abandons her really. His 2nd wife is beheaded and his third wife died after childbirth. In fact, even though his 3rd wife lay dying, King Henry made no attempt to see, nor comfort her. Knowing this, how will life be for the young Anne of Cleves?? She may become queen, - but for how long, and will she survive? Furthermore, if the King is displeased with Anne - then what does life hold for the man who arranged the marriage - Chancellor Thomas Cromwell?

You can find the book on Amazon -

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