Friday, January 6, 2017

New Release - Murray Pura

Murray Pura delivers a story of love and survival that is about more than a war between nations

 “From the first sentence…to the last musings of its anti-hero, Beautiful Skin by Murray Pura takes [the reader] on an astonishing trip.” Patrick E. Craig, author of The Amish Heiress

Murray Pura is the author of more than a dozen novels, two collections of short stories, and several non-fiction titles including the Zondervan books Rooted and Streams, as well as the Baker devotional Majestic & Wild. His first novel was released in Toronto in 1988 and was a finalist for the Dartmouth Book Award. Pura has been a finalist for several awards in the US and Canada, including the $25,000 Kobzar Literary Award for his novel Zo. In 2012, Pura won the Word Award of Toronto for Best Historical Novel for The White Birds of Morning

His latest release is a novel titled Beautiful Skin published by MillerWords Publishing, a World War II Romance with more than meets the eye:

Principle character Andrew Chornavka and his family were caught up in the fires of the second great war. Love, betrayal, sacrifice, heroism, savagery, things amazing and miraculous were all part of this world, and the world of Chornavka’s brothers and sisters. Armies clashed and battles raged in the skies and on the ground. Yet the wars of the heart were no less fiery and painful, and the hunt to find hope and meaning within nations ripped apart by conflict, just as desperate as the struggle to survive. America, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and Berlin are the backdrop to a powerful drama of the human soul, to a story of a love that proved impossible to stop, a war that proved impossible to win and a faith that proved impossible to break.

According to the author, “My two aunts had a love-hate relationship that saw their family emigrate to Russia and Ukraine, where they were trapped by the German invasion and practically wiped out, even forced into slave labor in Berlin.”

This is a personal story for both the author and his characters. The real-life events of his family inspired the story. Pura considers himself to be an observer of the human experience, writing in almost every genre: Amish, suspense, adventure, war, romance, Western, historical fiction, literary fiction, even including nonfiction and academic in the areas of history, biography, spirituality, theology, inspirational, and memoirs. His goal as an author is to entertain, inspire and enlighten his readers. With Beautiful Skin, he accomplishes that, but also shares a piece of himself and his family’s history. He also wrote several original songs for the novel that capture the spirit of the Berlin jazz clubs of the time.

Pura adds, “This is a story where sisters are caught up in their own war of love and hate, and ultimately have to make a choice.”

Murray Pura was born and raised in Winnipeg, but now lives and writes in southwestern New Mexico. Beautiful Skin is his first novel with MillerWords and will be accompanied by a collection of original poems entitled Petals. Both books are available in paperback and Amazon Kindle beginning January 6th, 2017.

MillerWords is an independent publisher of positive and inspirational books for all ages that can be found online at or on Facebook at

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