Monday, January 8, 2018

Cover Reveal - Murray Pura

Originally published in 2008, Murray Pura is reviving one of his personal favorites.

zo is the first story in Pura's series: Saint Zoya's Dance. This novel happened to be a finalist for the prestigious  Kobzar Literary Award of Toronto in 2010. The series continues with the white birds of morning (coming soon to MillerWords) and beautiful skin.

About the book: Andrew Chornavka took on the Trappist’s cowl and disappeared from the 21st century in order to forget the century before.
Yet even at the secluded monastery in America the past finds him. A delegation from the Vatican arrives with questions about his youngest sister, Zoya, who is, to Andrew’s shock, a candidate for sainthood. Reluctant, hostile, wanting only to be left alone to his dairy herd and gardens and prayers, Andrew eventually begins to talk.
The talk takes him where he does not wish to go, makes alive again what he had hoped was dead and buried, and makes real what had long ago been lost. He knows what he has to tell is no more than a story about a family that tried to stay together, and keep love strong, when everything on earth tried to rip that love apart. Yet he also knows the archbishop wants a story about an angel who walked with God.
But Andrew did not experience a world of angels and miracles and fairy tales. And neither did his sister Zo.
Or did she?

Available in all eBook formats on January 12, 2018
and paperback soon after.

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