Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This One's Educational!

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. My publisher (Comfort) finally spurred me into getting ready for next week's big event.

I've created a nice little study guide/companion packet to go along with The Empyrical Tales.

I had already written some comprehension questions to use at school with Renaissance Learning's AR program. I converted those questions into two quizzes, one for each book. There's also a study guide with different activity suggestions for both younger and older students. For fun, I included an old-fashioned word search.

For those that really want a challenge, I made a Hero's Journey study guide. Basically, take the elements of Campbell's hero's journey and apply them to the plot of The Fourth Queen. It should make for some good discussion.

Anybody that wants the packet, please send me an email to Mark@MillerWords.com. I am offering them free for a limited time.

With only 5 days until the release of The Lost Queen, now is the perfect time to get this. Order from www.MillerWords.com and I will include the study guide along with your autographed book(s)!

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