Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Four days until The Lost Queen. It seems like such a long time ago that I was awaiting the release of The Fourth Queen.

I actually had someone ask me "what happened to the first three?" I explained that The Fourth Queen was the first book and The First Queen will be the fourth book. I probably left her more confused.

But you get it, right? Empyrean is ruled by four queens, one for each compass direction. The Fourth Queen is the story where we meet Zandria and Olena. One of the queens disappears and the sisters go on a journey to find..........the fourth queen. The Lost Queen is about a queen who is, uh, lost. The Empyrical Tales continue the adventures of Zandria and Olena with each story centered around a particular queen.

The Fourth Queen official release date was February 2009. Finally, we are up to May 2011 and The Lost Queen. I have it on fairly good authority that the wait for The Secret Queen will not be quite as long (but nothing official yet).

Thanks for waiting with me.

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