Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Major Announcement

Trestle Press announced today its newest ongoing series, Mark Miller’s One. The series will feature a variety of authors telling true-life stories of faith and inspiration. We expect this groundbreaking series to be emotionally charged as it is sure to cross the boundaries of many beliefs. One will be an spiritual anthology of real stories about how faith works on this one planet we all share.

 “It is a privilege to take the lead on a totally new concept for Trestle,” series frontrunner Mark Miller said. “I want to thank Trestle for giving me this opportunity. As One develops, I don’t want to be beating anybody over the head. We’re not trying to change beliefs. I only hope we can open some eyes. Maybe we’ll help people realize that no matter what we believe, we are all part of this one Earth.”

Mark Miller is the author of The Empyrical Tales, available in paperback from Comfort Publishing. In addition to One with Trestle Press, Miller has participated in the Author’s Lab series. His turn with Giovanni Gelati, A Prince in Trenton, Seriously?, received high praise as a family-friendly story. Miller is also the author of Trestle’s upcoming release Daniel’s Lot. Daniel’s Lot is a novel adaptation of the faith-based movie of the same name starring Emmy Award winner Gary Burghoff (Radar on M*A*S*H). The movie is available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia and will soon be appearing on syndicated cable.

You can find more information at www.MillerWords.com, EmpyricalTales.blogspot.com , or Facebook.com/EmpyricalTales. Trestle Press can be found at TrestlePressPublishing.com or TheNovelSpot.ning.com. Visit the Daniel’s Lot movie website at DanielsLot.com

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