Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100 Days

Did you get that? In one hundred days, a couple things are going to happen. One, a bunch of kids are going to be out of school for the summer. Two, The Empyrical Tales Book III: The Secret Queen will be available from Comfort Publishing. What a perfect way to start that summer reading adventure!

In fact, it is already open for pre-order on Amazon:

Fans of The Empyrical Tales know that Zandria and Olena have already been through quite a lot of challenging adventures. In The Secret Queen, those adventures get bigger...
...Dinosaur bigger!

Here is the back cover synopsis: It is a year after the events of The Lost Queen. Zandria and her younger sister, Olena, seem to be growing apart. But now, Olena has mysteriously disappeared without explanation. To make things worse for Olena, she is having trouble with her magical abilities. With the help of an unusual bronze ring, Olena leaves the crystal Castle Empyrean in disguise. She soon steps into a land of giant crocodiles, unending deserts, ancient pyramids and even mummies! Now Olena must discover the truth about the dinosaur-like race that lives beyond the southern border before they attack Empyrean. All the while, she struggles with faith in her own abilities. Will Olena regain her magic in time? To find out, she has to become The Secret Queen.

Reviews for The Empyrical Tales say:

"All fun and all good."
"an exciting story based on the eternal struggle between good and evil"
"a captivating set of characters"
" well-developed and complex"
"a gift for putting together great characters with a conscience, with a set of values that are real, visceral and tangible."
"The characters truly shine"
"There is a musical quality to the way Miller writes"
"Magical, Mysterious, Mesmerizing, and Mythical"
" it adds a strong heroine to children’s literature" 

Over the next 100 days, there will be lots of fun, contests and a few surprises!

Until then, if have do not have the first two books, you can get The Fourth Queen and The Lost Queen directly from my site,, at a special price and with a personal autograph.

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