Thursday, February 23, 2012

Authors of One Do Something Good

   Mark Miller’s One is a series about faith and beliefs. It is about our understanding of truth and how we are all connected. Every individual is part of this one earth.
With six issues published, there have been some amazing stories. The authors have shared emotionally personal details of their relationships and unexplained, almost miraculous, events. The Authors of One are as varied as our world will allow: a father, an international traveler, a professor, a teenage poet. They also consist of several best-sellers and award-winners.

What more can these authors and this series offer? Every participating author of One has decided to donate at least half or more of their proceeds to charity. That means, in addition to a thought-provoking story, when you purchase a story from the One series, you, as a reader, are doing something good too.
Each author has the option of choosing their charity, but most have agreed on an amazing group called Give Kids the World. This organization helps make dreams come true for severely and terminally ill children by giving them vacations to some of Orlando, Florida’s best attractions. As a father, I have taken my own children to places like Walt Disney World, so this was the best way I could show thanks for the great opportunities I’ve received as a writer. Please note, that none of the authors are not affiliated with Give Kids the World. We simply believe it is an important and worthy charity.
Here are links to the authors and their stories of One:

These are the stories that are out now. Still to come are important and moving words from Rachel Hunter, Crystal Linn and Ron Starbuck. Check out all of the other great work they have to offer!
What more can I say? Every author in this series is highly talented, each with a significant voice. Beyond the page, I have come to know them as generous, kind, intelligent human beings. People like these give me hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless.
Please take the time to purchase these stories for ONLY 99 Cents on Amazon Kindle or BN Nook. At the very least, you will be doing something good.
You can learn more about Give Kids the World by visiting You can follow the Authors of One at

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