Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poetry Takes Time

I'll admit, it has been a while since the last installment of One. The good news is that it's out now!

Story Nine takes a different turn as Ron shares some amazing poetry. His words are meditative and spiritual. Here's the back cover synopsis: In Story Nine, poet Ron Starbuck explores the world from his Episcopalian background and through various forms of contemplative prayer. These selected poems from his first collection, Wheels Turning Inward, and from his second collection, When Angels are Born, share with the reader an expressive way to view the world. Ron has also been kind enough to include an exclusive poem that can only be found in the pages of One.

I’ve been looking forward to this edition of One for a while now. It is a pleasure to have so many talented people contributing to this series. I cannot put one of them on a pedestal ahead of any other. What I can do is single out Ron for his poetry.
It is true that we have several award-winning poets in this series, but only Ron is contributing poetry. After reading his work, I understand that it takes someone with skill and patience to communicate this level of expertise and emotion. Writing prose, I can belt out a thousand words in less than an hour. I haven’t written a poem for maybe five years. As Ron says, “You cannot manufacture poetry out of nothingness on a strict timeline.” I understand that better now. You don’t magically get that structure and message without the work and dedication.
Ron also shared another idea with me. Besides being an Episcopalian, he has studied Christian theology and Buddhism extensively. He gave me new vocabulary for what we are trying to accomplish with this series. “Perichoresis is an ancient term in Christian theology, which refers to the indwelling of the Trinity, of how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are so intimately connected within their unity as one that there is an indwelling between them all. And that this indwelling is shared with us, in and through Christ, in the Paschal Mystery of Christ as the Incarnate Word, the Word Made Flesh. How appropriate, since not one of us can imagine living without words, living a life without words in some form.” The concept of interconnectedness predates Christianity far back to the early Buddhists.
That knowledge and insight makes Ron an integral part of One.

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