Saturday, June 23, 2012

These are the creatures of your neighborhood

Like most boys, my youngest son developed a fascination for dinosaurs. He could name many species before he could read. At some point, I knew I would have to have dinosaurs in The Empyrical Tales. Afterall, I couldn't write a story only for my girls. I had to include things for my boys too!

With only a few days left in the giveaway on my blog, I thought I would share some background on the dinosaurs of The Secret Queen.

So (sing a slightly altered tune with me), these are the creatures of your neighborhood...

First off, in the land of Empyrean, the dinos are known as Arcosaurans and come from Arcenland to the far south of Empyrean. Arcenland is separated from the Southern Valley by an enchanted passage called the Unending Desert.

Once in Arcenland, Olena learns that there are both good and bad Arcosaurans. In the Southern Valley, Olena meets women with cat heads, but in Arcenland some of the women have triceratops heads.

Among the Arcosaurans she meets are the Parasauratitan, Emperor Li-Am (leader of the Carcharodans), Baharians and the fearsome Spinolock.

To keep the theme of Egyptian mythology, all of the featured dinos can be found in the fossil record of Egypt and Northern Africa.

The Parasauratitan is inspired by Paralititan Stromeri, one of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth.

Li-Am and his Carcharodan warriors were based on the Carcharodotosaurus Saharicus. This ferocious theropod got it's name because it's skull resembled that of a shark. 

The Baharians are smaller Arcosaurans that decided to help Li-Am, instead of becoming his dinner. Their inspiration is the Bahariasaurus Ingens. 

Spinolock comes from the infamous Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. Assumed to be extinct in Arcenland, Olena's adventures may lead her into the jaws of an unpleasant surprise.

Two of the nastiest dinos in The Secret Queen also have their character names based on my son's name. He couldn't be happier about that!

For all you dinosaur fans, the book also includes a foreword written by paleontologist and television host "Dinosaur George" Blasing. I have to thank him every chance I get for his contribution to my research and The Secret Queen.

I hope you found this interesting and would love to hear your comments! Thanks for reading!

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