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Authors of One Interviews: Don Lubov

I had the opportunity to get to know Don Lubov a little better. The tenth author in the One series is a man of measured words. I think you will find his answers concise, to the point and entertaining.

Don Lubov, a Zen spiritualist and teacher, is the author of Story Ten: 1971. Get it here for ONLY 99 Cents (and remember, a portion of the author’s proceeds go to charity) –

MM: Other than my pestering you, what inspired you to write this story?

DL: I felt it was time to share my adventure with others.

MM: And it is quite a story from a vivid time in our country’s history. Of course, I am joking about having to pester you. I will say you are one of the most professional authors with which I have worked. You seem to have a handle on the process. How long have you been writing?

DL: On and off; 41 years.

MM: You definitely have a head start on me. I’m doing some math from your story. If you were thirty in 1971, then…Well, I will say I wish I look as good in thirty or forty years. Obviously, you’ve developed some good habits in your life. Do you have any particular writing habits?

DL: I write first in pen. Pilot pens are my favorite writing instrument.

MM: I like to carry a pen and spiral notebook when I am working on a longer story. I think there is an emotion, or inspiration, in the fluid contact. Speaking of inspiration, your story left me with some insights that I could apply to my own life. Do you have anything more, maybe something not in your story, that you would like to share here?

DL: Love - the more you give it away, the more you have. And, others benefit from it. There’s nothing that can equal the good feeling of serving others.

MM: I could not agree more. Sometimes, it feels like we don’t have enough of it in this world. Working on this series, with these incredible authors, I feel like we’ve developed a connection. We have the opportunity to exponentially expand that love. I know you created your own Six-Step Path, but who are the spiritual influences that led you to these realizations of life and love?

MM: An impressive list. What about the authors that inspired you to put your views into words?

MM: We are on the same page. You have an appreciation for the masters. I wonder what the Bard would think about our digital stories? We could meditate on that. Back on topic, here is your chance to give us some insight into the author. What can you share that is not in your back-cover bio?

DL: I am deeply and thoroughly in love with my wife…36 years and counting.

MM: I am sure your faith plays a great part in the strength of that relationship. You’ve almost tripled the time of my marriage, but I look forward to the day I can tell people that I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for 36, or 40, or 50 years. That is certainly an ongoing project. What else occupies your time?

DL: Making three videos to post on You Tube and writing for Yahoo Voices.

MM: We can be sure to put links on the One Facebook page ( when those videos are live. Now, we cannot find Don Lubov on Facebook, but where can we find you?

MM: This is where I like to close the interview with a couple off-beat questions. First, if you could ask your Supreme Being one question, what would you ask?

DL: What more can I do to serve?

MM: That is a theme throughout your writing. But, what flavor of ice cream would you be?

DL: French-Vanilla

MM: (DL does not go on to divulge a reason) Don, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Lubov’s Wild Ride, aka 1971. It is available here for ONLY 99 Cents -

In addition to sparking a discussion of what faith means on our one world, each author has agreed to donate a portion of his or her proceeds to charity. Please have a look at all of the stories below.

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