Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to be a Thief

On the planet Kaskaya, becoming a thief is a skilled and honorable achievement. In the newest release of my Christian Sci-Fantasy, Sons of the King, the middle son sets his sights on that difficult task. Co-written with my 9 year old daughter, it is available now from Trestle Press for ONLY 99 Cents right here:

Sons of the King
Episode Four
The Thieves' Village

What would an outer-space fantasy be without a few rogues and thieves? As Olivia and I outlined the story, it was important to her to show the members of the Thieves' League as positive, helpful people. Since the thieves are first introduced as kids in Episode Three, we wanted them to be playful. Once Dig gets to their village in the mountains, he finds them to be a little frightening and mysterious. His opinion changes over the next five years as he grows and trains with them.

It has been a while since the last episode of Sons of the King. With that in mind, anybody that purchases Episode Four: The Thieves Village can email me or comment on my blog to get Episode One: Fallen Idols for FREE. You can get Episode Four here:

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