Monday, November 26, 2012

This is for the children

As an author and father, one of my driving passions is to help children, especially those that do not have help. One small thing I am trying is eBay Giving Works. I have listed a paperback copy of The Empyrical Tales Book I: The Fourth Queen on eBay and set it up to donate 90% of the sale to Family Giving Tree - Fulfilling Wishes, Changing Lives.

I know many of us do not have the extra money right now, but if you do have some to give to a good cause, this is a great one.

If you are curious about the title, the highly coveted Nintendo Wii U is hard to get anywhere. There are people on eBay listing homemade cardboard cutouts. When we have children in our own neighborhoods that might not receive any Christmas, there are people bidding on, not only the overpriced video games, but also the imitation cardboard cutouts that have no real value.

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