Monday, September 2, 2013

Yet Here's a Spot

Shakespeare is turning over in his grave when I put the Defective Amish Detective in the same post as MacBeth!

See Lady MacBeth had a little problem with a stain and so does our fearless detective. What happens in Volume 7: The Hung Laundry Has a Stain is far less sinister than the old Bard's play.

Rolling out these snazzy new covers is the icing on the cake!

The hung laundry has a stain and, of course, there is only one man to get it clean.

The Defective Amish Detective heads back to Lancaster County to solve a mystery that feels more like a set up for someone else's entertainment. He decides this one calls for a disguise. Under cover, complete with matching sandals over his socks, G meets up with the Amish blacksmith. Together, there is nothing that can stop them, so discovering the cause of the unusual stains and finding the culprit take no time.

The only real question is how and when will G end up in the muck?

Find out here: 

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